09 | John Doe

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IT ONLY took three days for everyone in the kingdom to know and recognize Indiana Jones' face. It was plastered all over the place—in the forest on trees, on walls, in the villages being handed out by concerned citizens... Indiana even spotted a child with the Wanted poster stuck onto his back. She wasn't sure who this Killian Jones was, but she definitely knew that he was really screwing up her life.

Everywhere Indiana went someone miraculously recognized her. It was as if she couldn't go anywhere without being accused of things that she didn't do, not to mention being accused of being related to a pirate Indiana had never seen before in her entire life.

Unfortunately for the 12-year-old, the same thing that happened to her was occurring in this moment. She was being chased out of yet another village after trying to buy food, considering she was starving. Indiana caught her breath as she hid behind a tree, hoping that no one would turn the corner and spot her.

She glanced upward slightly at the tree across from her, instantly frowning. There was yet another Wanted poster hung up on the tree. There was an impressively drawn image of her face.

"That's not even what my nose looks like," Indiana grumbled, walking forward and pulling it off the tree. She stared down at it, reading the few notes under it. "5'1", 12-years-old, light brown hair, blue-green eyes... That sounds right..."

Before Indiana could continue reading out loud, a voice spoke out. "Wanted for murder, banditry, and having relations with a pirate," a female's voice recited. Indiana looked over and spotted a teenaged girl. She had curly brown hair and eyes filled with mystery, not to mention she was awfully dirty. It made Indiana immediately assume she was poor.

"How—How do you know that? Are you with the Royal Guard?" Indiana nervously asked, taking a step back. The girl shook her head and smiled.

"Your Wanted poster is plastered all over the place. How could I not know who you are?" the girl asked with a friendly smile. "And no, I'm not with the Royal Guard. I'm just a Miller's daughter. My name is Cora. You're Indiana Jones."

Indiana nodded. "You're not... You're not gonna turn me in, are you? I mean... that's a really good reward..." Indiana trailed off, thinking about how much money one would receive if they turned her in. Cora merely shook her head.

"No. I believe that you're a good person," the young girl told the child.

Indiana snorted. "Yeah, that's not what everyone else believes," she grumbled in annoyance. "Why did this have to happen to me of all people? I don't even know any pirates... I never killed anyone! But no one will believe me... except you, I guess."

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