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SNOW WHITE AND PRINCE Charming made what was assumed to be casual small talk while Indiana Jones led the ragtag team to the location of Peter Pan's camp. Following behind them was the Evil Queen, Emma Swan, and Killian Jones.

As a large leaf slapped Emma in the face, she knitted her eyebrows together. "We should be getting close to Pan's Lair. Going in a straight-line course..." Emma announced before pausing. The map rustled in her hands while they all came to a stop. Her eyes widened. "Son of a... How is it now behind us?"

"How can that be?" Snow immediately wondered. Indiana scoffed, turned around, and walked over to them to take the map from Emma. As she studied it, Indiana sighed. "What's wrong, Indie?"

"Oh, strip my gears and call me shiftless. That stupid boy is moving the camp! He's playing tricks on us!" Indiana exclaimed. Everyone exchanged worried glances. How were they supposed to rescue Henry if Peter kept moving the camp?

Then, Regina proceeded to complain once again, saying, "So this whole trek has been for nothing. I told you walking was idiotic. If I can just some magic, we can materialize in the camp and grab Henry."

"We don't know where the camp is," Snow calmly reminded her stepmother. She was beginning to grow annoyed of Regina's consistent nagging. Overall, everyone was expecting Indiana to complain the most, seeing as she was the teenager of the group and she was Indiana Jones, after all. They were all wronged by Regina. "Have you even been listening?"

"There's no point of using magic," Indiana added in agreement. "Peter will have shields against any magic that could be used against him. Besides, I'm afraid such a noble attempt would result in your death, and more importantly, mine... which is why we're walking."

"Well, then what's your idea?" Regina challenged. "How are we going to find it?"

"By using someone he trusts," her brother piped up as an idea went off in his head like a firework.

"Who? Because I guess he certainly doesn't trust you," David mentioned. "And I don't think Indie is in the right mental state to even look at Pan."

"A fairy who lived here when I was about. She may still be on the island," the pirate explained. "She'd be an inside source. She knows all about the camp, and can get us in. She might even have some Pixie Dust left. Perhaps we could fly in?"

Emma raised her eyebrows, asking, "You mean Fairy Dust?"

"Nope. He means Pixie Dust. It's 20 times stronger. Think nuclear fairy dust," Indiana corrected, pinching the bridge of her nose.

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