52 | I Am Peter Pan

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BEADS OF SWEAT ROLLED down her face as her eyebrows furrowed together in concentration. Cautiously, her aching fingers delicately worked quickly while her medium-length brown hair continued to fall in front of her face. Her drying tongue swiped her upper lip. Everything appeared to be going swimmingly according to Indiana Jones' plan, except for one thing.

There was a buzzing noise.

No matter how much Indiana would swat her hands around her ears, no matter how much she would attempt to block out the sound, Indiana simply could not shake off the annoyance. Clenching her jaw, Indiana snapped her head back around to face Aunt Lucy, who seemed to be the source of the buzzing noise. In other words, she would not stop talking.

"That's the 3rd snare you've made," Aunt Lucy continued to blabber. "And it's hardly better than the previous ones!"

The brunette sighed. "I would've been able to do it the first time, but someone has been chewing my ear for the past hour!" Indiana barked irritably.

"Really? Who?" Lucy wondered whilst tilting her head to the side. When Indiana groaned in frustration, Lucy snickered. "Kidding! You know, you really are a dull-witted child."

"Yeah? And you really are—" Indiana began to mumble, only to be interrupted.

"What is that snare for anyway? Are you planning on catching any animals?" Lucy asked. "Isn't that cannibalism?" She smirked.

Indiana raised an eyebrow. "You're a lot ruder than I recall," Indiana mumbled, completely forgetting that the Shadow had been posing as her aunt this whole time. "Could you just... oh, I don't know... leave me alone or something?" Lucy stared at her, not saying a word or moving. Indiana sighed. "Or not..."

Indiana turned to give her attention to the snare before her as Lucy proceeded to speak once more. "So what exactly is your plan here? If you're trying to capture your petty, little boyfriend, I can tell you for a fact that this isn't how a lady would do it," Lucy ridiculed.

"Yes, because you know so much about having a love life," Indiana sarcastically mentioned, not bothering to glance back at her. "And I'm not trying to catch any animals, just a Lost Boy who can take me to him or bring him to me." She paused. "Besides, I don't know if you'd say he's my boyfriend at this point. It's been years."

"Was he really your boyfriend though?" Lucy asked. She leaned over and picked a small flower from the ground.

Indiana scoffed. "What's that supposed to mean? We were together for centuries!" the brunette argued, adjusting her legs so that she sat Indian style.

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