63 | Yet You're Both Jackasses

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THE LAND OF THE deceased was extremely peculiar in the eye of a newcomer. For some, this world looked like any other, considering they wouldn't recognize a lot of people, whether they were dead or alive. People were always walking up and down the sidewalks and making small talk. After all, how many dead people does the average person know on a personal level? The only issue was... Indiana Jones wasn't your average person. She knew more dead people in comparison to those who are alive. Actually, she knew more people who were murdered by her than the rest. Surely, someone would try to attack her, seeking revenge.

Something Indiana knew for sure was that this land was strange. While it seemed to appear as a town that was covered in cheap Halloween decorations, it was more than that. This town was different, and it wasn't just because it was the Underworld. It was because it looked just like Storybrooke.

Indiana didn't know Hades, but she was sure that he was a stalker. He had gotten the magical town of Storybrooke down with the most exquisite detail. From hairline cracks in the sidewalk to the exact place of the fire hydrants, Indiana wasn't sure if she was uncomfortable or impressed with the fanboy's work.

Maybe it was because everyone was staring at her, but Indiana Jones couldn't shake off this weird feeling rising from the pit of her stomach. Something felt off. She felt like her body was trying to drag her to someone, like a magnet. But Indiana's feet remained planted. What was this feeling?

Then again, it sure did make settling in a lot easier than it should have been. After all, it's not everyday that you die and wake up in hell. Maybe that was why Indiana's first instinct was to waltz into Granny's Diner and grab something to sip on.

Indiana took her time in observing each person once everyone went back to what he or she was doing. She paid no attention to the conversations, finding them unimportant. Instead, she started to walk toward the bar where a few people sat. As she walked, Indiana suddenly came to a halt when she heard something whizzing in the air. Then, she instantaneously turned around and caught something in the air: a shiny dart.

"What the hell?" Indiana mumbled, staring at the red dart in her hands. She looked up, seeing a figure standing a few feet away from her. Where he stood, his face was covered by a shadow. "You could have hit me!"

The figure shrugged. "I never miss," the male declared. "Besides, you're dead. What does it matter?"

Indiana narrowed her eyes at the man. "What's your deal?" Indiana demanded as he walked forward, closer to the brunette. At this point, many people were staring. As the man's face was revealed to her, Indiana's eyes widened. "Holy shit."

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