25 | Mermaid Lagoon

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INDIANA JONES SEEMED TO have lost track of the amount of time that had passed throughout her stay in the peculiar realm that was Neverland. She was aware that timed passed differently there than in the Enchanted Forest. A day in the Enchanted Forest was a week in Neverland, but a week in the Enchanted Forest was a few months in Neverland, and 2 months in the Enchanted Forest was a couple of years in Neverland. At this point, Indiana was sure that quite a few months had passed. Indiana wasn't even sure how old she was technically was at this point.

The girl had spent a lot of time thinking after what Peter Pan had told her not too long ago, about how he said that she was changing and becoming a true "Lost Boy." Indiana didn't properly realize it, but he was right. She was changing and she wasn't even quite sure in what ways she was. She felt as though she was still herself, but the way the Lost Boys had been treating her told her otherwise. For the first time since she had arrived in Neverland, the Lost Boys were treating Indiana Jones like she was their friend. That thought alone seemed to scare her.

One night in particular, Indiana had decided to go for a walk, for her thoughts piled up so much that she was finally unable to fall asleep. That was the first mistake she made. The second one was taking a path she had never been on. She walked and walked until she stumbled upon some kind of whimsical-looking lagoon. The perimeter was covered with various rocks and pebbles while the inner portion was filled with water. The moon shined down perfectly, its reflection staring up at the sky like a mirror.

"What is this place?" Indiana wondered curiously, not talking to anyone in particular. She took a few more steps forward until she was able to take a seat on one of the rocks. She looked down at the water, just itching to dive into it for some strange reason. It was almost like the water was calling out to her in a weird way.

The water began to ripple, causing the moon's reflection to falter until a head popped out of the water. A woman with bright green eyes and black hair appeared in Indiana's vision. The brunette's eyes widened as she stared at the female in the water. "Hi," the woman greeted with a soft voice. "I haven't seen you on Neverland before. What's your name?"

Indiana stared at her before realizing that she had asked her something. "Um... Indiana," the brunette greeted. "What are you... uh... doing here?"

The woman smiled and let out a hearty chuckle that sounded like a lullaby to Indiana's ears. The brunette was sure that if she were gay, she would've fallen in love with the woman in the water. "All mermaids in Neverland come to this lagoon, silly!" she exclaimed. She climbed up onto a large rock in the water, revealing her orange tail that had a sliver of white on it. "I'm Nemo. I'm looking for my sister. Her name's Doreen, but she responds to Dory. Have you seen her?"

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