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"ONCE WE CROSS THIS ridge, we'll be near the Woods of the Dead," Mulan revealed whilst swinging her sword around to cut the shrubbery that were in the way. "The last Poppies in this realm have taken seed here."

"Woods of the Dead? What is it with this place and the Walking Dead?" Indiana wondered as she walked ahead of Snow White and Emma Swan. "It's not even that good of a show. The special effects are completely unrealistic."

Mulan furrowed her eyebrows together. "Show? What is this show you speak of?" Mulan queried. "What's a Walking Dead?"

Indiana sighed. "You know, Zombies," Indiana attempted to explain, forgetting how different this realm and the real world truly were. "I'm pretty sure it's on Netflix. You know, the living dead... uh, I think there was a sex scandal, or something."

"Netflix?" Mulan repeated. "Your world truly does sound rather queer."

Shrugging, Indiana observed as Mulan found some of the Poppies and began to create the sleeping powder. She tried to not think about how Snow White was going to be in that horrible Netherworld again.

When Emma and Snow had caught up to the girls, who were much faster than them, Mulan was almost done. "How long will the effects last?" Snow asked while sitting down, obviously nervous. Or maybe it was only actually obvious to Indiana.

"It's difficult to say. Maybe an hour or much less," Mulan revealed.

"Well, I shouldn't need much time... as long as Henry's in there when I am," Snow continued as Indiana moved to sit beside her student. The black-haired woman immediately grabbed Indiana's hand tightly. "You won't leave, right?"

Indiana shook her head. "Don't worry, darling," Indiana assured her with a small grin. "I wouldn't even if I wanted to. We'll be here the whole time. Say hi to my little brother for me."

Snow White smiled at her until Mulan took a few steps forward and gently blew the Sleeping Powder off of her gloved hands and onto its victim. Twitching her nose, Snow leaned back and placed her head on Indiana Jones' shoulder, not once letting go of her hand.

Silence fell amongst them. Emma looked over at Indiana with a small smile. "That's the first time I've seen you go soft since the curse," Emma admitted.

Indiana chuckled lowly. "I guess my inner Anna James comes out when it comes to the people I care about," Indiana admitted. She hummed. "Hm... who knew someone like me could actually care about people other than myself...?"

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