32 | Not Your Typical Shrek

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AFTER HOURS OF WALKING throughout the forest, it was decided that the group would stop and make camp before continuing to move the following morning. All they needed to do first was collect firewood and locate freshwater. "Uh, if we're hiding from Ogres, shouldn't we maybe, I don't know, not start a fire?" Emma obliviously wondered.

Snow and Indiana simultaneously shook their heads. "Ogres are blind. They hunt by sound alone," Snow informed her daughter, taking the words out of the teenager's mouth.

Indiana nodded. "They're not your typical Shrek," she added.

"Right," Emma sarcastically muttered while looking back at her mother, "because that's something everyone would know about Ogres."

Exchanging glances with Mulan, Snow walked closer to where Emma and Indiana stood. "Look... I know you're out of your element..." Snow began to say.

"I'm fine!"

"I know, but maybe you should just stay here while we get wood and water, guard the campsite," Snow suggested.

"You mean the big, empty clearing?" Emma queried with raised eyebrows.

"It's the safest place. Indie, stay with her please. It's safer for you, too," Snow begged. Slightly offended, Indiana opened her mouth to object, but closed it when Snow gave her a look. "We'll be right back."

With that being said, Snow White and Mulan made their separate ways to gather the items they needed for the night. Indiana was a bit annoyed that Snow forced her to stay back, but she could tell the woman needed alone time. However, she was positive that she would help out the next time.

Night fell rather quickly. Indiana was too engulfed in her thoughts to notice that Snow White had been attacked by the princess from before and Mulan had blamed Snow for talking to the princess harshly. She was brought back to reality when Emma fired her gun into the air, creating a loud booming noise.

"Emma, what the hell are you doing?" Indiana demanded, jumping up and running toward them.

"Protecting her," Emma answered while pointing her gun in Mulan's direction. "Drop the weapon!"

"Do you have any idea what you've just done?" Snow questioned while looking around, suddenly on high alert. The sound of Ogres growling was suddenly heard. "Run!"

In a line, they ran. The Ogre was getting closer, which led Snow to tell everyone to split up. Mulan took the princess named Aurora while Snow completely bolted. Indiana grabbed the hopeless and confused Emma's wrist and pulled her away. This backfired when Emma tripped over something and fell onto the ground, pulling Indiana down with her.

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