40 | Idiot of a Brother

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"SOME OF US KNEW him as Archie, others as Jiminy," Snow White sadly said to the people of Storybrooke as they all crowded around Archie Hopper's tombstone, "but we all knew him as a true friend."

Each person was adorned in the darkest clothing they could find in his or her wardrobe. Indiana Jones adjusted the black coat she wore while petting Pongo. She sat on the leaf-covered ground with her legs crossed Indian style as Pongo rested his head on her thigh.

She frowned when she heard Pongo whimpering. Indiana was never fond of dogs until she befriended Red. Now, she felt safer when she was with a canine.

"And though he may not be gone, he will always live on inside of us..." Snow trailed off, her voice beginning to crack. "...Reminding us to be our best selves... to do the right thing, to always fight for what we believe in." Snow sniffled and wiped her face, attempting to sound somewhat more positive. "So we shouldn't think of today as goodbye, just as a way of saying... Archie, we'll be listening."

Indiana couldn't help but feel sympathetic for Snow White as she retreated to David. She never liked Archie too much in the Enchanted Forest, for she already heard enough hope speeches from her two closest friends. However, his death still saddened her. Perhaps that was the Anna of her coming out.

Slowly standing back up, Indiana tightened her grip on Pongo's leash and walked away from the scene.



Indiana Jones took another swig of her rum, feeling it burn as it rushed down her throat. She had stopped to get a drink before meeting up with Snow White later. She rolled her eyes as she listening to a random man speak loudly to a group of other men.

"There's a ravishing beast roaming within the kingdom. It's eyes burn with fire," the man announced. "They call it the Yaoguai. No man has been able to kill it, but we will. There's room on our wagon. Now, who's gonna join us?"

The sound of other men cheering and shouting that they'll join echoed throughout Indiana's ears. She looked around the room, inspecting each man when she noticed a girl sitting alone with a book open in front of her. The girl was staring at the group in a longing manner.

Making her way toward the girl, Indiana took a seat at the table and smiled. "Looking for an adventure?" she greeted in question. The brunette jumped up slightly at the teen's presence. "What's your name?"

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