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SCAVENGING AROUND THE CAVE that teenaged Baelfire lived in for an unidentifiable number of days was a strange experience for Indiana Jones. While Indiana was out making life-long memories all those years ago, her childhood best friend was holed up in a cave for who knows how long. It made her feel guilty.

The ragtag team of misfits started to grow rather hopeless. The only possibly helpful things they could gather were some puzzling scribbles, a cut up coconut, and tally marks that were drawn for each day Baelfire was trapped on the island. As Indiana traced her fingers on the wall where the tally marks were, she frowned. Did Baelfire know she was on the island at the same time as him? If he did, why didn't he make himself known to her?

It didn't take the group too long to realize that Peter was doing the same thing he did to Henry to Baelfire. He was in the works of making Henry lose faith. Peter wanted Henry to lose hope in his loved ones coming to rescue him so that he could do whatever it was that he wanted with Henry and his heart. Unfortunately, Peter Pan's plans were heavily concealed with riddles and sketchy moves.

Indiana only knew this was her boyfriend's plan because he did the same thing to her. He got the Shadow to pose as Frankie to make her feel guilty so that she would open up to him. See, Indiana could have saved him that day all those years ago, but she didn't, and now, the memory of the Lost Boy constantly came back to haunt her. Now, guilt was all she felt.

Guilt seemed to be a reoccurring sensation for Indiana Jones, and she couldn't pinpoint the reason why. Indiana hadn't felt like this until recently. Now, it felt like the girl's world was collapsing all around her.

While Snow White, Emma, and Indiana got to work at a trap to capture a Lost Boy, David and Killian left to retrieve something. The pirate and the prince had explained that Killian and Indiana's deceased brother, Liam, had a satchel up on Deadman's Peak that he left before his death. In it was a sextant that they could use to decode Baelfire's star map that was created from the cut up coconut.

Indiana was experiencing some serious déjà vu as she worked on the trap with Regina chewing their ears off. Nonetheless, they got it done and managed to capture a Lost Boy. Snow pointed an arrow at the boy while Emma gripped her dagger. "What are you doing?" the Lost Boy demanded. "Are you trying to start a war with Pan?"

"Pan started the war when he kidnapped my son," Emma defensively hissed. The Lost Boy stared at her, unimpressed, before his gaze shifted over to Indiana. Then, his eyes widened.

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