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WHEN INDIANA WOKE UP a full eight hours later, she had a raging headache. The brunette would be found laying on the dirt ground, holding her head in her hand with hopes that her headache would magically fade away. It felt as though someone took her brain and began to squeeze it harshly. From what Indiana had seen so far from this realm, she wouldn't be surprised if Peter Pan was doing just that.

When Indiana retracted her hand, eventually simply giving up on any hope that the headache would disappear, she noticed almost completely dried blood on her fingers. It didn't take the girl long to relate that her head had been bleeding from the fall she took when she passed out. The blood seemed to have clotted, meaning that she fortunately wouldn't die from bleeding out.

"That was some fall you took."

Turning her head to the side, Indiana spotted Frankie sitting beside her. She grunted while sitting up. "You're telling me," she responded with a mutter. "I can't believe that psycho just left me to bleed out and die."

Frankie shrugged all while giving her one of his infamous bittersweet smiles. "That's Peter Pan for you," was all he could say about the matter, along with, "You're in Neverland. Peter Pan will do whatever it takes to make his visitors suffer."

Narrowing her blue-green eyes at him, Indiana sarcastically commented, "Well he sure is a delight." She paused when she realized something. "Wait--Neverland? That's what this retched place is called?" Frankie nodded. "What a strange name... for an equally as strange realm. By the way, what happened to you back there? How did you just... disappear?"

He snorted. "I'm a Lost Boy," he half-heartedly explained. "There's a lot of cool stuff Pan trained us all to do."

Indiana couldn't help but notice the rather saddened expression on his face that appeared whenever he talked about his leader. He must've been taken from his home, too, similar to the kids in the village she grew up in.

"That's not what I wanted to talk to you about," he continued, changing the subject. "I wanted to know what you're doing here." Allowing his words to process in her brain, Indiana glanced around to see if there were any Lost Boys or if Peter was around. "Relax. It's just you and me."

Humming, Indiana nodded at his words and sighed. "I was sent here from another realm, the Enchanted Forest," she explained. She had this strange feeling that she could trust Frankie. What was the worst that could happen? It wasn't as though Peter Pan could hear them speaking. "One of my oldest... acquaintances, the Dark One transported me here to... retrieve something for him."

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