34 | I Never Abandoned You

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"UP AHEAD... WE'LL FIND the compass just over the ridge," Captain Killian Jones called out from the front of the group. The six walked together throughout the run-down realm in search of the compass that the sailor had spoken of before.

While Mulan and Aurora walked ahead of the Savior and her mother, Indiana led the group with Killian Jones. During this, Emma Swan and Snow White spoke to one another. "Do you get the feeling he's leading us exactly where Cora wants us, that this whole thing's a trap?" Snow asked her daughter.

"Of course it's a trap," Emma instantly responded. "As long as we know they're trying to play us, we can—"

"—stay one step ahead of them," Snow interrupted. She was impressed that her daughter had come to this conclusion. It was similar to how Indiana felt when Snow didn't screw things up from time to time.

Emma nodded. "Exactly," she confirmed. She hopped over a fallen log as she continued to speak after a short moment. "Do you think Anna will be okay? I mean... I've read her story countless times. There aren't enough fingers on my hands to count how much it says that she despises her brother. And now that he's here..."

Snow hummed and responded with, "Indiana's been through a lot. Now that her memory is completely restored, she should be reverting to her true colors."

"Which is ruthless and blood-thirsty?" Emma wondered nervously.

Snow shook her head. "Indiana isn't a vampire, Emma," she informed her daughter, who still looked at her mother skeptically. "Before she took that forgetting potion, she was childish and light-hearted. At least, that's what she told me. All these curses have been altering her personality, so there's really no telling what she'll become."

"So you're saying that we either have an annoying child, a quirky teenager, or a cold-blooded adventurer-killer?" Emma summarized, turning to face the woman. Snow shrugged.

"Maybe a mixture of all three?" Snow suggested. This time, Emma was the one to shrug as they continued the rest of their walk noiseless.

Meanwhile, Indiana kept a straight face as she walked beside Killian Jones. She offered to keep an eye on him in case he tried something funny. If he did, she would take his other hand without hesitation. She looked over at the pirate from the corner of her eye, noticing as he kept wiggling his wrists, which were tied together with rope.

"You're not going to be able to get out of that, if that was what you were attempting to do," Indiana informatively, yet matter-of-factly stated to her brother.

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