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xvii. CHEW TOY



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SOMETHING ABOUT THE LIBRARY continuously caused Anna James to feel this weird, bittersweet sensation. She always visited when she desired alone time to work on something for school, usually spending hours at a time there. Therefore, it should've made the brunette loathe the library with every ounce of her being. After all, who enjoyed doing schoolwork for so many hours a day? Surely, there was someone who did, but that person wasn't Anna James.

While some days the brunette loathed traveling to "the land of knowledge", she also was rather fond of it. The library had grown to become her home away from home away from home. From the smell of paper that came from within new novels to dusting off the ancient computers and using her library card more than she used a credit card. These were many things that made Anna like the library.

However, for the first time, she was visiting for fun. This was something Anna had never done in her 16 years of existence. Though she wouldn't admit it, Anna was visiting the library for the fourth time that week because of one thing: a boy.

Having a crush on someone of the male species was a whole new experience for Anna. It was like doing a trust fall without even knowing if someone was behind you. It was like getting on your first ever rollercoaster and being forced to sit front and center. It was like dipping French Fries in your milkshake for the first time.

It all started, well, four trips ago. As usual, Anna was traveling to the library to work on an essay that was worth 50% of her overall grade. She was typically one for being stressed out to the max when she was given important assignments like these. In the midst of all of her worrying, a boy had walked over to her and simply asked if she was okay. though it was common courtesy to ask when it was obvious she wasn't, Anna couldn't help but fall head over heels quickly. She couldn't help but feel extremely giddy and nervous as soon as he spoke to her. Call her a hopeless romantic, but she felt as though it was a "first sight" kind of situation. Maybe not love, but it was definitely the start of a crush.

Every trip after that, Anna had gone to the library to work on the essay. She was blessed to have an assignment that was due 2 weeks after the given date. The boy worked at the library as of recently, so he was always there. They almost immediately made a connection.

"This is it. I'm going to get a terrible grade on this essay, drop out of college, and be the girl who peaked at 16," Anna declared with a worried look on her face. She ran a hand through her medium-length, brown hair while staring at the bright computer screen.

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