67 | Eye For An Eye

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FOR AS LONG AS the world has spun around on its axis, Indiana Jones has always had one issue, that being the common noun known as determination. When she had something on her mind, she refused to stop going on about it until some kind of course of action was taken. Either Indiana was too oblivious at the time or she simply didn't care enough to take note of how irritating this quality could be. This was one of those times. Luckily, her best friend loved her enough to look past it.

"But Snow," wailed Indiana Jones as she unwillingly followed behind her partner-in-crime throughout the Enchanted Forest. "Those guys were complete jerks. We should've done something!"

"No, Indie," Snow calmly denied while pushing past a tree branch that was in the way. "If I always let you do whatever went on in that brain of yours, we'd lose our heads and people would die. I know you would do the same for me."

"No one would have died!" argued Indiana.

"And what would you have done when your bloodlust got the best of you?" Snow fired back, stopping and turning to face Indiana properly. "I know you. I know you can't stand for bullies, but this time was too dangerous. You saw all those Black Knights. Regina could have gotten us if we had chosen to take course."


Before she could finish her thought, Snow interrupted the brunette from speaking. "Indie, you know I love you, but what exactly were you planning on doing? Asking them to stop? That's not you, Indie. I've seen it all first hand. You've torn people apart, literally. You've done unspeakable things because you come from a broken past," Snow pointed out. "Getting revenge on some bullies who won't matter this time next year is pointless. Getting revenge would only keep the wound open longer, perpetuating your business and squandering your time on something you can't change."

Indiana released an exasperated sigh. "I guess... I guess you're right," she mumbled. "I guess I'm just not the hero type, after all."

Snow placed a hand on her friend's bicep. "No, you are. You can be a hero," she soothingly told her. "Remember this for next time: an eye for an eye only ends up making the world blind."

Although she never showed it due to her bloodlust always getting the best of her, Indiana Jones never forgot those words...



... until now.

"HADES!" an angered Indiana shouted, slamming the door to her apartment shut. "YOU HAVE 3 SECONDS TO COME OUT BEFORE I RAM MY FIST DOWN YOUR THROAT AND PULL OUT YOUR BLOODY SKELETON!"

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