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Light Em' Up by Private_Writer_00
Light Em' Upby Private_Writer_00
Emma Swan is a firefighter , she puts her life on the line everyday. what happens when one day she crosses paths with a familiar face and her whole world changes Regin...
Once Upon A CaptainSwan by KaramelPancakes
Once Upon A CaptainSwanby Baylee
Emma Swan and Killian Jones finally get the happy ending they deserve
Gone. | Captainswan AU by colinsayebrows
Gone. | Captainswan AUby kam
[COMPLETED STORY] It's been three months since Killian's disappearance. Will Emma get him back? What will happen if she does? [Contains some mature scenes.]
Something Between Us by imakestories
Something Between Usby imakestories
Killian Jones (29) is now a single father of 3 little boys after his wife dies. Emma Swan (26) is a girl who just need to get away from the life she had. Emma's brother...
Forever Doesn't Last Forever by __CaptainSwan__
Forever Doesn't Last Foreverby Jordan
In this story, the curse never happened when she was born. Princess Emma was having a lovely life, until her parents Queen Snow White and King David arranged a marriage...
Friendship by imakestories
Friendshipby imakestories
The two groups live in the same building. Right across the hall. They have been good friends with each other ever since they all moved in. Their friendships grows as doe...
How It Begin || A Captain Swan Story  by loveluvlyy
How It Begin || A Captain Swan Jo
Emma Swan has built up her walls when her particular loved one had died and she doesn't want anyone to know about her past. She had a horrible past that she's afraid to...
In The Darkest of Times (CaptainSwan) by pinacolada07
In The Darkest of Times ( Madie
Emma's pregnant, how will Killian react? How will she tell him? What is he leaves her? What if another evil comes for their baby? How can she been the savior and a mothe...
One Time Thing (Captainswan) by simplytrulyours
One Time Thing (Captainswan)by Simplytrulyours
Captain swan one shot that has to do with Hook and Emma settling in their new house. [Completed]
Captured by csmiddlemistflower
Capturedby \\ E L L E N //
What if the dark curse was never casted in the first place? Snow and Charming would have seen Emma's first steps, her first smile and of course her first ball. She was i...
Together (A Captain Swan Fanfic) by Charmingsoftballteam
Together (A Captain Swan Fanfic)by Charmingsoftballteam
A fanfic about Captain Swan from Once Upon A Time. They're my otp. It is set right after the season four finale. Can Hook and Emma's relationship survive Emma becoming t...
Once Upon A Text by igoncerforlife
Once Upon A Textby Ren
Text messages between Storybrooke's inhabitants.
When They Met by __CaptainSwan__
When They Metby Jordan
Killian Jones has a speech impairment. Sometimes, he stutters when forming sentences, which makes kids believe he is retarded. His brother, Liam Jones, doesn't have the...
Captain swan one-shots by pie5008
Captain swan one-shotsby vectorlover
These one shots are in the process of making. I'll update when I can! Please leave requests in the comments!
Love is the light scaring Darkness away | CAPTAINSWAN FANFIC by presstheemmabutton
Love is the light scaring Daniela, aka Satan
How is season 5 going to be? After Emma's sacrifice, she is consumed by Gold's darkness and prisioned in the dark room. The only way she can get out of there is by being...
CaptainSwan Oneshots by Oncers_For_Life
CaptainSwan Oneshotsby ✨ CaptainSwan ✨
Just a book of CaptainSwan Oneshots! I take requests so leave some on the comments and I'll whip it up ❤️ the more details you give me the better! Enjoy! (Some chapters...
A Timeless Tale: Captain Swan by jillchair8e
A Timeless Tale: Captain Swanby jillchair8e
When the only way to save Emma's family is for her and Killian to go back to the day they met, their trip goes awry and they end up fifteen years in the future. Could th...
This Ordinary Life by Pirateprincesslove
This Ordinary Lifeby Pirateprincesslove
This series is of little moments from Captain Swan.
Keep It A Secret by honorablepirate
Keep It A Secretby Abby
What if Emma never said that her amazing kiss with Captain Killian Jones was a 'A One Time Thing'? Join everyone on their journey through Neverland with not only the dan...
SunFlower | Killian Jones by raynelbabe
SunFlower | Killian Jonesby RAYNEL
❝NOW THAT I SEE YOU.❞ In which the impulsive, prone-to-violence pirate falls for the girl made out of literal sunshine [ONCE UPON A TIME SEASONS 3 & beyond] c...