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More Than Rubies by swanandhook
More Than Rubiesby swanandhook
Takes place after Going Home, episode 3x11 of Once Upon A Time on ABC
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The First Sight by BlueDisney02
The First Sightby BlueDisney02
One day Emma finds out that her husband Ben has been cheating on her for a while. She's left devastated with their 3 year old daughter (Brynn), whom he doesn't care abou...
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The Price of Freedom ➸ Captain Swan by voidestiel
The Price of Freedom ➸ Captain Swanby r h
Princess Emma has been betrothed since her birth to Prince Charles, a man she had never even met. A month before her 20th birthday, the day of the wedding, she sneaks o...
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Repeat     (A Once Upon A Time Fanfiction / Captain Swan's Daughter) by rebeccamaders
Repeat (A Once Upon A Time M
Phoebe Jones had spent the last fourteen years of her life in the foster system, moving from home to home. She had no memories of her biological family. Phoebe lost hop...
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The Stowaway by allthingscaptainswan
The Stowawayby allthingscaptainswan
What if the curse that created Storybrooke had never happened? Emma could have been a princess, raised by two loving parents who would one day reclaim their kingdom from...
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Teach Me by imakestories
Teach Meby imakestories
Emma Swan (21) is a college student who is very smart and pursued by most men in school. Killian Jones (25) is a new professor who is very bright and very attractive. Ki...
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Captured by csmiddlemistflower
Capturedby \\ E L L E N //
What if the dark curse was never casted in the first place? Snow and Charming would have seen Emma's first steps, her first smile and of course her first ball. She was i...
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To Get Me Back to You {UNDER EDITING} by LittleMiss_Dauntless
To Get Me Back to You {UNDER 《Ada》
Emma Swan has opened up to Captain Hook (AKA Killian Jones). They grow closer and closer together, but Killian wants to go back home. He asks Emma on a journey to find t...
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Loyalty and Love by imakestories
Loyalty and Loveby imakestories
Emma Swan and Regina Mills have been like sisters since the day they meet back in kindergarten. Now they are in High School they were not acknowledged by anyone no one k...
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Ouat highschool by onceuponabiggestfan
Ouat highschoolby onceuponabiggestfan
When Emma gets adopted, they send her to a new high school... How will she survive the struggles in this town? Especially since she doesn't know anyone.
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Storybrooke High by sarah_jekabsons
Storybrooke Highby Sarah
Emma Nolan has the perfect boyfriend, amazing friends, and a great dad. But her new lab partner? He's someone new that could change her life either for better or worse
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Missing Year by isaballerina89
Missing Yearby Isabelle
Emma and Henry leave Storybrooke before Peter Pan curse hits the town. How will it affect Emma when Hook decides to join them.
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Broken and Bruised  by imakestories
Broken and Bruised by imakestories
Killian Jones (25) is Broken Emma Swan (23) is Bruised Two people both hurt their whole lives. Never able to trust others again. What happens when they find someone who...
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Hope {CAPTAINSWAN FANFIC} by presstheemmabutton
Hope {CAPTAINSWAN FANFIC}by Daniela, aka Satan
This story takes part after season 3 finale. From Storybrooke to the Enchanted Forest. Hope you love it like I do. :) Follow my ouat instagram @press.the.emma.button Rat...
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In A Crowd  by imakestories
In A Crowd by imakestories
Emma Swan was a girl no one saw. Killian Jones was the guy everyone knew. One day at a dance Emma pulled a Cinderella move and Killian became obsessed. Emma gave Killian...
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A New Kind of Evil by AshlineGrace
A New Kind of Evilby Ashline
A captain swan story!!! Takes place in season 4 my take what happens after Ingrid is defeated! Will have CAPTAINSWAN and maybe some outlaw queen!!
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My Best Friend's Wife  by imakestories
My Best Friend's Wife by imakestories
Emma Swan was a married Woman when she made the mistake of sleeping with her husband's best friend Killian Jones. Why did she do it? Was she unhappy in her marriage? Was...
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Caged Hearts Captain Swan Fanfiction Chapter Three by AngelicProductions
Caged Hearts Captain Swan Angelic Productions
Killian Jones has been arrested for the murder of Hans (Hansel). It is up to Emma and the citizens of Storybook to help see him innocent. That won't be so easy as the e...
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Love is the light scaring Darkness away | CAPTAINSWAN FANFIC by presstheemmabutton
Love is the light scaring Daniela, aka Satan
How is season 5 going to be? After Emma's sacrifice, she is consumed by Gold's darkness and prisioned in the dark room. The only way she can get out of there is by being...
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Once Upon A Time- Little Swan, a Captain Swan Story by usocrazyambrose
Once Upon A Time- Little Swan, a .
The search for a way to defeat the Darkness in Emma Swan takes dramatic turn when David finds the one thing that could save her. I don't own Once Upon a Time, I just enj...
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