Roommates  by __CaptainSwan__
Roommates by Jordan
Looking for roommate, must be non-smoker. That was what the ad online and in the newspaper said. Meet Killian Jones. A player who jumps around from woman to woman. but...
  • emmaswan
  • killianjones
  • roommates
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Runaway- CaptainSwan AU by Oncers_For_Life
Runaway- CaptainSwan AUby ✨ CaptainSwan ✨
Foster placement has never been great for Emma Swan. She's a runner. She looks for any and every opportunity, and then she's gone. Then she goes to the police, asks for...
  • oncer
  • jollyroger
  • fanfiction
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Good News by SugarRumSwan
Good Newsby Marin 😁💖
Emma and Killian have great news to share.
  • hopeswanjones
  • onceuponatime
  • emmaswanjones
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Forever Swan by ambie112233
Forever Swanby Amber Jayne ❤️
Jennifer Morrison meets Colin O'Donoghue whilst filming the ABC series, Once Upon a Time. But when Jen realises her feelings for him, she knows she must hide them, for t...
  • onceuponatime
  • jennifermorrison
  • fanfic
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A Wish Come True by hopeduckling13
A Wish Come Trueby Hope Swan-Jones. Impossibly C...
How quickly can your mood change from pure happiness to pure horror? In a millisecond. The day Killian and Emma found out they were true love, they were ecstatic. That i...
  • captainswan
  • captainhook
  • underworld
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The Mind by __CaptainSwan__
The Mindby Jordan
Killian Jones has the power to move and alter things with his mind. With the help of his friends, he's working to save Springtide City. Everyday he meets new people. Bu...
  • superhero
  • onceuponatime
  • captainswanau
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Happy Beginning Captain Swan by Isabelle_xoxo22
Happy Beginning Captain Swanby Isabelle
After Emma Swan finished the final battle with the adult Gideon, Storybrooke changes for the better. Emma and Killian finally have a life that they both can enjoy togeth...
  • zelena
  • henry
  • noseason7cast
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How It Begin || A Captain Swan Story  by peachberryl
How It Begin || A Captain Swan peachberryl
Emma Swan has built up her walls when her particular loved one had died and she doesn't want anyone to know about her past. She had a horrible past that she's afraid to...
  • ouat
  • killianjones
  • onceuponatime
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hope.  by katieandrews98
hope. by katieandrews98
This is a story about a Captain Swan baby, with a little twist. ALL RIGHTS GO TO ABC AND ONCE UPON A TIME.
  • abc
  • princecharming
  • grumpy
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Cursed by storybrooke_cs
Cursedby Jessie
What if the first curse didnt take place when Emma was born? what if she grew up in the enchanted forest, but not as a spoiled damsel in distress princess, but as the sa...
  • hope
  • regina
  • theevilqueen
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Broken and Bruised  by imakestories
Broken and Bruised by imakestories
Killian Jones (25) is Broken Emma Swan (23) is Bruised Two people both hurt their whole lives. Never able to trust others again. What happens when they find someone who...
  • robinhood
  • brennanjones
  • outlawqueen
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Captain Swan One Shots by jillchair8e
Captain Swan One Shotsby jillchair8e
A series of One Shots written about Emma Swan and Killian Jones from Once Upon a Time. Also features ships such as Rumbelle, Snowing, and Outlaw Queen.
  • oneshots
  • onceuponatime
  • captainswan
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Welcome to Storybrooke by elle_uzzell
Welcome to Storybrookeby elle_uzzell
Elizabeth Dawn is a young Irish girl who lives in the foster system. Some homes are good while others I like hell on earth. Which for her was what she mostly got especia...
  • storybrooke
  • magic
  • onceuponatime
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Pieces by hook_and_swann
Piecesby hook_and_swann
emma swan moves to a small town named storybrooke to start her freshman year at storybrooke university. emma is trying to pick up the pieces of her past, and move on for...
  • mrgold
  • killianjones
  • snowwhite
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A Lonely Frozen Night by Mercury_Stardust
A Lonely Frozen Nightby Mercury_Stardust
Captain Swan fluff and angst. Takes place sometime in mid season 4. Goes along with OUAT cannon, just a little extra story that could have happened in the moments we did...
  • captainswanfluff
  • emmaswan
  • killian
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Forbidden (Captain Swan) by OUAT-captainswanfan
Forbidden (Captain Swan)by OUAT-captainswanfan
Student/teacher fanfic. I dont think that there is much more to say about this. I hope you'll enjoy :)
  • student
  • highschool
  • teacher
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A look in your eyes.|| A Captain Swan Story AU by fandomorrison
A look in your eyes.|| A Captain Mary Garcia
Emma is a normal teenager, has a cool group of 6 friends: Regina, Zelena, Belle, Mulan and Ariel. And then there was Killian Jones. He is the bookworm of the class. He...
  • fanfiction
  • zelena
  • captainswan
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Teacher's Pet by fngrl_constellations
Teacher's Petby Hannah
Mature Content WARNING Emma Swan is 17 years old and lives alone with her two-year-old son, Henry. When Emma was 13 she attempted suicide, but her foster father found he...
  • outlawqueen
  • queen
  • captainswan
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Fight It ➶ Once Upon A Time by oncebelieved_inmagic
Fight It ➶ Once Upon A Timeby oncebelieved_inmagic
TOP RATED #1 IN ONCE UPON A TIME & TOP 10 IN OUAT ➳ "So is that what your life is gonna become- ruining others' lives and running from your own?" Brooklyn fac...
  • brooklyn
  • captainswan
  • peter
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A Pirate's Love by ShotGunKitty524
A Pirate's Loveby Hailey Armstrong
This is a OUAT CS original book. (Once upon a time captain swan) Most of the characters in this book aren't mine, they belong to abc's Once Upon A Time by Adam and Eddy...
  • emmaandhook
  • iloveemmaswan
  • iloveouat
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