72 | Souls of the Departed

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HEAD TILTED EVER-SO SLIGHTLY, Peter Pan found himself drifting to sleep as he and his friends from Storybrooke sailed along the Rivers Styx

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HEAD TILTED EVER-SO SLIGHTLY, Peter Pan found himself drifting to sleep as he and his friends from Storybrooke sailed along the Rivers Styx. Part of him was utterly unable to believe he was truly sitting in the ferryboat of the dead, the ferryman Charon sailing them to the land of the unliving. However, the other part of him knew he had seen and experienced stranger, more peculiar things. Peter wouldn't have been here if it weren't for the ever-so uncharming Charming family--excluding Henry, who seemed to be the only one of the family Peter genuinely liked to spend time with.

It all started when Peter's girlfriend's love-struck brother's girlfriend, Emma Swan became the Dark One a few months or so ago. Being the Savior, Emma felt the need to sacrifice herself so that Regina didn't become overtaken by darkness, considering she had been working so hard to become good again. The result of this caused Emma to become the Dark One and--as Peter once put it--"lose her shit." Long story short, they all went to Camelot where Emma had been sent to try and bring her back to Storybrooke. During their expedition, Killian seemed to have found himself injured by Excalibur ("some fancy sword" as Peter called it). The thing was that anyone who was injured by Excalibur was sentenced to death, but Emma just couldn't part from her love. As a result, she used her Savior magic to save Killian, who somehow became the Dark One during this.

Another long story short, Killian also seemed to have gone bonkers and attempted to return life back to all of the Dark Ones before him. Suddenly seeing the error in his ways, Killian sacrificed himself. Now, Peter and the gang were on their way to the Underworld to try and bring him back by splitting Emma's heart in two and giving him one half--similar to how Snow and Charming were able to enact the curse that occurred shortly after Indiana's death.

The whole idea of it was absolutely insane to someone who didn't understand the idea of strange things always occurring in Storybrooke. From the Wicked Witch of the West to Ice Queens, things couldn't get any crazier as Peter had thought.

Killian's last words before death seemed to have shaken up everyone. "Let me die a hero," he had said, similar to the beloved Indiana Jones. It seemed as though just when everyone was finally begin to move on and accept the adventurer's death, something had to happen that reminded everyone of the pain they got after her death. No one said actually anything about it, but everyone seemed to be thinking the same thing.

"Hey... Wake up..."

The brown-haired boy scrunched up his nose in annoyance. "5 more minutes," Peter mumbled, squeezing his eyes tightly in hopes of being able to fall asleep again.

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