23 | Failed Plan

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"THIS IS STUPID," INDIANA grumbled while watching the other Lost Boys train. Some were in partners while others chose to work alone. She had been training amongst them for a few hours now, and she was beginning to grow rather annoyed. She had more important things to do, which included stealing Pandora's Box. "Who says I need training? He's not the boss of me."

"Technically, he is," Frankie's voice suddenly said. Indiana snapped her head to the side to see him. This was something Indiana found herself doing quite often, considering Frankie chose to pop out at the most random of times. "Unless you want to die."

Indiana rolled her eyes at him. "You have got to stop jumping out at me like that," she scolded.

"Yeah, yeah, whatever, you big baby," Frankie teased in amusement. "So have you figured out how you're gonna get the box?"

Indiana shrugged. "How hard could it be? I've been doing the whole stealing thing for 4 years now," she explained. "It'll be like taking candy from a baby."

"Yeah, only that baby could kill you," Frankie pointed out.

The girl, who was only growing more and more anxious at the thought of stealing from Peter Pan, ran a hand through her hair.

See, Pandora's Box was located within Peter's tent. No one was allowed in his tent without permission. If Indiana wanted to leave, she'd have to take matters into her own hands, even if it meant laying her life on the line.

"You're not helping, Frankie!"

Indiana clenched her jaw at the memory of her conversation with Frankie just hours before this very moment in time. Perhaps he was right and Indiana shouldn't be doing this. She had completed a good amount of training that day, meaning that her body was sore from the fresh, vigorous training. However, Indiana had already decided that today was going to be the day that she finally would return home.

The girl had mapped out in her head Peter Pan's schedule for the day, considering it was usually the same. Typically, he would leave to attend some kind of business with Felix in the middle of the day, so Indiana took that as the chance to sneak into his tent and finally retrieve Pandora's Box, along with the magic bean. Indiana wasn't too sure if the bean was in the tent, but she would have to take her chances.

Glancing around, Indiana Jones made sure that no one was around or focusing on what she was doing. She had previously made sure that the Lost Boys were still training or keeping themselves busy when she snuck off.

Once she snuck into the tent, she realized that it wasn't anything Indiana had never seen before. It was just a tent with a few objects here and there that Indiana didn't necessarily care about. Then, there it was. Indiana knew what it was when she saw it. Pandora's Box sat humbly on a small, wooden table. It was just waiting to be picked up and taken to the Dark One. A grin of victory appeared on Indiana's face as she reached over and picked up the box.

Before she could begin to search for the magical bean that was taken from her just as quickly as it was given to her, a green smoke emerged from all around Indiana. With the blink of an eye, Indiana was transported just outside of Peter Pan's tent.

"Nice try, Indie, but stealing from me is going to be much harder than that."

Spinning around, Indiana groaned in annoyance as she noticed Peter standing a few feet away from her with Pandora's Box in hand. "Of course you knew I was in there!" Indiana mumbled bitterly.

"That's right," Peter responded, arrogantly grinning at her. "Your pathetic attempt of leaving this island did nothing but show me what your intentions are."

"That may be true, but you don't know why I need that box," Indiana fired back, smirking, for she still had one-up on him.

Peter returned the smirk. Indiana was beginning to notice that he did that a lot. He waved around Pandora's Box while condescendingly saying, "But you don't know what it does... is that right, Indie?" Her cocky smirk faded once those words absorbed in her brain. He walked circles around her. "Tell me, Indie, why do you want to leave so badly?"

She stared at him with a blank look in her eye. "Because I want to go home," she blandly explained. "Isn't it obvious?"

He shook his head. "No, I know that, but there's something you're hiding from me," Peter responded, continuing to walk around her. Indiana had to physically turn whenever he strolled past her. "Why do you need this box? Who—no, what exactly are you going home to?"

Indiana opened her mouth to answer, but no words came out. She closed her mouth, then opened it again. She did this a number of times before finally deciding with, "My... family."

"You don't have to lie to me, Indie," Peter told her. "I know you're here because someone sent you here, but you have no family. I learned that when I saw your fears. There wasn't a single person there that you called family beside a woman named Lucy, who is dead. I also realized that when I noticed you could hear the Lost Boys crying."

"What are you talking about, Peter?" Indiana asked with her jaw clenched once again. "I'm not deaf. Of course I could hear them crying."

He shook his head, finally stopping a few feet behind her. "Only those who feel lost or lonely can hear them cry and only those who feel that way are magnets for my Shadow, which is why you saw it so much as a child," Peter continued. "So what is it? Death of a parent? No friends? Abusive parents? Abandonment?" Indiana tensed up. "Oh, I see."

Indiana spun around to face him with tears building in her eyes. For a second, she could see his gaze soften, becoming filled with guilt. But nonetheless, Peter recovered easily.

"You've got some nerve, Peter," Indiana hissed.

"There it is!" Peter exclaimed, causing Indiana to stop from going into a monologue. "There's the same look all my Lost Boys get."

"What are you going on about now?" Indiana demanded emotionlessly.

He smirked at her again. "When you become a Lost Boy, you lose all hope that your family or loved one will come rescue you. You begin to realize and accept that you are alone," Peter explained. "You lose that childlike and happy glint in your eye, just like you did."



omg peter die what is your PROBLEM

in all seriousness, isn't it cute how he gets so guilty over the shit he puts my bb indiana through?

i hope she somehow beats his ass one day (though that probably won't happen because well... he's peter pan)

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