Emily 7.

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I was in college with the girls in the common room.

?So sleep over at mine! Saturday!? Stacey smiled. All the girls got a excited.

?The boys are coming too!? Siobhan shouted. They all went crazy, I just sat back and didn't say much.

?I'll b up to no good!? Candice winked.

?Dirty girl!? Solange said. She giggled more. I know her and Denzel do things, he keeps talking about it, it's revolting, he's quick on that with girls, it's cringe!

?Yuck!? I said. Candice looked at me and laughed.

?You would say that your a virgin, I bet your gonna do a mother Teresa, be all holy and never loose it!? She grinned. I didn't say anything, neither did the rest.

?Candi man!? Solange said.

?It's true, she's just there!? She replied.

?Have you ever had a man before?? She laughed.

?No.? I quietly said.

?You ain't! OMDz!? She laughed harder. I sighed, I hated when they asked me these things, because boys don't like me, and I don't like them.

?Shut up Candice man! Your making her upset!? Siobhan said.

?What's there to be upset of if your a virgin?? She continued. I just sat there and stared at her.

?And stop looking at me please, it's freaky,? She smiled. I looked at my fingers and started fidgeting with them. Denzel came in.

?HI!? They all screamed. He hugged everyone and sat next to Candice.

?What you girls chatting about?? He said hugging her. She started laughing and looking at me.

?Sleepover this Saturday!? Solange said excitedly.

?Arr skeen! You were shouting because of that, us lot can hear you from the mechanics department, you are LOUD!? Everyone laughed, I just fiddled with my fingers.

?You alright Emily?? He said. I nodded not looking at him. If I did I'm sure Candice would have something to say! I got up and packed my back, it was silent they were all looking at me. I got my things and quickly left and walked down the corridor to the library. I sat there and got my art book out and started drawing. I sat there through the whole day, and this weird boy was looking at me, I felt slightly uncomfortable. After lessons were over I walked home, Solange caught up with me and we went to mine.

As I got in Denzel rang.


?Yeah you at home??

?Yeah, but I'm with Solange.? She stared at me.

?Ite I'm with Candice, I'll come see you this evening,?

?Oh it's okay, I'll see you tomorrow at the sleep over thing!? I sighed.



?Bye dude!? I laughed and put the phone off. I sat with Solange and we were talking. She did my nails and gave me a facial and did my hair.

?Your really pretty! I need to find you a man,? I screwed my face up.

?I don't want one!?

?Whatever, your so pretty how can you not want one, I know a few who like you,? I shrugged.

?What do you mean..? the she shrugged and I laughed and turned to face her.

?Look at you man, your like what everyone's looking for, your chest and bum is big too... oh wait, erm yeah no homo!? She said. I laughed.

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