Emily 77.

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We unpacked back at his, and I set my stuff up in his wardrobe, and threw his stuff on the bed.

"Ahh Em man."

"Whaat?" I laughed. He shook his head and took his pile of clothes into the other room.

"Oh no! You are not leaving it there for long. It's for lil' bubba." I heard him laugh and I giggled and continued to unpack, I heard Nicole and Joel playing and I sighed happily, I was home. Yes, home. He came back in the room and hugged me from behind.

"Another bubba."

"Yes. Another one, I haven't told Nicole."

"I haven't told my mum." He gasped. I swallowed hard.

"She doesn't know we've been...OH MY! She doesn't know anything."


"Fuck." We were both silent, we started laughing and he pulled me to the bed.

"We will have to call her and try see her on Sunday."

"Why Sunday?"

"We'll join her for church, and she'll be calm and won't hit me if we go over in the evening, I think that's the best plan." I had to agree.

"Yeah I think that's good." He smiled.

"My dad still don't know I have a child, and expecting another." He sighed shaking his head. Awkward!

"Um.. I'm sorry D." I rubbed his back. He shook his head and just shrugged.

"It's okay, it doesn't matter." He looked at me and smiled, I kissed him and we hugged,

"You still got me and Nicole, you got your mum and all those aunties and uncles." He laughed.

"Yeah...We're gonna give the best to Nicole, honestly. We can't let her miss out on not having a proper family."

"Yeah, thank God your here." I inhaled his scent.

"Mmm don't think about naming the child, I'm naming it." He said. I laughed and pulled away and hit him.

"Noo I'm naming bubba."

"No I am! KMT. It's gonna be called MICKY."

"No way."

"Yeah, I'm Denzel, I'm naming it." He smiled, I laughed.

"No your not naming it Micky, what the hell." He shrugged and I leaned on him and he kept kissing me. We heard footsteps coming upstairs, and Nicole ran into the room, I smiled at her and she jumped on us.

"Yay DADDY!" She screamed and hugged him, he laughed and carried her and was telling her about new stuff he bought, I just shrugged and lay down, I felt slightly dizzy. I played around with Denzel's phone, he had people inviting him to raves at his age? 27 and you want him to go raving? What a joke, a complete joke! I heard music downstairs, I went downstairs, and Nicole and Joel were dancing to B.O.B.

"I GOT THE MAGIC IN MEEE!" Denzel sang, I joined in and it was funny, good times. I got tired too quickly, and it got worse when I saw James, for some odd reason I wanted to hurt him, he was pissing me off.

"Hellooo!" He said in Nicole's face, she screamed and ran to me and hugged me. He chuckled and followed Denzel out to the garage. I shook my head and Nicole started laughing.

"He's scary." She whispered. I laughed and played with her hair.

"Where's Joel?"

"Outside with them." She played with my hair too.

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