Emily 6.

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Two weeks had past and things were okay, not the best but just okay. Denzel came round and saw me constantly grinning.

?Why you smiling??

?They said I can come and see her and she kept talking about me and my dad when she had a chat with her counsellor!? I giggled. He smiled and hugged me.

?That's good!?

?Denzel you smell, like nasty perfume!? I said. It was nasty, it smelt of cheap perfume. He winked at me and sat down.

?That's disgusting!? He started laughing and we were watching TV.

He started singing then and stood up and went to the kitchen. I started texting Solange and she was complaining about her sister's boyfriend. She started calling me.

?Hi? I said.

?Hey bitch!? She laughed. Denzel came back in with a bottle of Jack Daniels and Vodka and lime. I growled and he started laughing.

?Who's that Emily??

?Erm no one, it's the TV!? I said innocently. If she knew he was here, she would cry. She had this myth about him, thinking he was a hit-man. I made hand movements to Denzel, he just giggled and sat on the floor and started drinking and putting the TV volume up.

?Erm Solange I'll have to call you back okay?? I shouted.

?Erm....yeahh... sure!? She said. I quickly hang up.

?Denzel!? I snatched the remote.


?I was on the phone!? I screwed. He looked at me and frowned. I sat next to him and watched him drink. I was suppose to chuck it away, because he is capable of drinking the whole thing in one day.

?Try a bit!? He put the glass against my lips. I shook my head and stared at him.

?Come on Emily, it's nice!? I slightly opened my mouth and he made me drink it. I didn't like it very much.

?I don't like it.? I said quietly.

?Aww!? He drank it and put the glass on the table.

?What should we do then?? He said putting his arm around me. I shrugged.

?Hmm let's talk!?

?Okay.? I stared at him. He was thinking and I started fiddling with my fingers.

?Me and Candice are kinda together you know!? He smiled. I smiled back.

?That's good, she talks a lot isn't it?? I laughed. He nodded quickly.

?It's amazing!? He creased.

?Yeah, how is she? I don't see her much.?

?She's okay. I'm going to see her this Saturday.?

?Oh!? I said bluntly.

?Why what's up??

?Oh nothing, erm have a great day!? I smiled. Saturday was when I could see grandma, I thought maybe I could take him too, and boost my confidence, but oh well. I nervously started to bite my nails.

?Emiee, were we suppose to do anything this weekend??

?No of course not. Erm no!? I quickly finished my sentence. He sighed and stared at me.

?O....kayy!? He slowly said and thinking.

?Want me to cancel it with her??

?No. Have fun, you guys make a great pair.? I smiled. I got up and walked into my box room and sat in there for a while with a plain canvas in my hand. I wanted to draw something to express my feeling. I became frustrated and started pulling my hair and screwing my face. I put my head in my hands and started mumbling.

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