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I met most of their friends; I liked Troy he was funny, he said things I didn't understand and kept picking me up to make me scared. There was Dale, Daniel and Michael. Michael was too reserved, it took me 3 more months of being here to actually say hi to him, he was really shy. I was now 6 months gone, the previous 3 months, I had settled in, got myself on track and signed up for college for the next year. They even let you bring babies there, it's quite nice. I actually am really happy, I'm 6 months gone and nothing is going wrong, everyone said it was a boy, I started thinking that too, best feeling in the world was when it kicked on my birthday.

?That's definitely one of us niggers, shit boy, tell me you felt that beauty, I know your boy's gonna be kicking some soccer! Enter it for a champion shit!? Troy shouted in my face, I jumped and he smiled. He touched it again and chuckled. I smiled, I loved staying here. It was so much better, but there was one problem, men. I walked into wal-mart, not on my best day, short top, opened jeans, belly poking out and hair up, no make-up, what happens? A 22 year old guy was checking me out through out my observation on electronics. I looked at him and smiled politely, he approached me and tried to get my number, I told him three times I was pregnant and you can't miss it, it was right there. He didn't mind in fact he complimented my pregnancy and his exact words were,

?I bess' shoot the nigga that got you boo, you iz to nice, and congratulations on the lil wun, how about I take you out for a meal?? I was so scared I ran out and sat in the car and let Viv go in. I didn't really wanna fall in love, and it was quite easy following my plans, I would think of Marcel hitting me every time a boy asked for my number, so it was ?kosher?. Don't ask, everyone says it. We all watched TV on the sofa, I play on Dale's lap and my body was over Viv's, Sammie's, Troy and Michael, with my belly shooting in the air, we were watching some funny comedy film, Viv's laugh was like a a horse when you force it to do something and it doesn't want to. Just like that, it was silence whenever she did laugh, we didn't actually say anything whenever she laughed, we watched her then had our laughs after her. I loved how they excepted me into their lil group, and included me in things not like back in England with my old friends, everyone did their own thing, excluding me because my personality was too weird for them. For once I didn't miss all of them, maybe Solange and Stacey, but no one else, didn't care or ring, what's the point, they only care when you ring, it's like they put on the whole ?I care? thing. It's pathetic when I look over it now. Here however, if I'm going out maybe just to stroll down the street, go into the city, get a take-away, none of them would let me go alone, it was like I would never come back or something, they'd follow me everywhere. I was amazed, especially the boys, I once went out with them, best day spent with male company, not once did they make comments about other women in front of me, they just made me laugh, cry in fact! They were really funny down here.

?Dang homie! Emma's gotta booty on her agreed?? Troy said. I laughed. Usually I heard ?Shit b, you got man feeling good moving that batty.? I compared it and that's what set me off. I could laugh for hours comparing what we say to what these people say, really enjoying it here.

I woke up on a rainy Friday morning, it looked so funny looking outside from the apartment all you see is a lot of black heads, and business people rushing in the mornings. I loved the house, my room was really big, it's bigger than my old living room, twice as big as Grandma's old home. It was big, even with all my stuff it was big, but warm and I made it homely, with my enormous bed Viv got, she said she used to use it as a ?pre-bungee jumping set?, I don't know but she's really weird but funny, she quit smoking because of our friendship and eats chocolate constantly, every time she craves it she sighs looks at me and mutters ?Just no I'm doing it for that likkle negro in there, I miss my chopsticks? then she eats chocolate and screws her face. They both went to work so I was alone, they left me money, but I didn't ever use it, I had my own, a lot of it, but I never used it, so it doesn't matter. I changed into some tracksuit bottoms and and wore Michael's T-shirt he left here ages ago. I wore Sammie's pink air forces, well now mine, I had my way of getting things, my little bubba came in handy, mummy got everything she wanted. I did my make-up and hair, and put it up in a nice messy bun. I put in my big earrings and got my jacket and umbrella, I left locking the door and went outside. I got a taxi to Michael's and when I got there I walked for abit before getting to his, it was some heavy rain falls. I pressed his buzzer and he let me in. It could be Bin Laden coming to destroy the flat and he'd let him in! I went to his door and knocked her opened chewing on some jerk chicken.

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