Emily 35.

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I spent so long with Marcel he made me go home for a bit to relax, he was so nice to me, he cooked and treated me to little things and bought me stuff he thought I liked and it was nice. I went home and got a suitcase packed leaving a few things, the rest I'd give to my next door neighbour, as she sells at a car boot sale. I got nicely dressed and did my hair and decided I should spend the day with Denzel, I text him I was coming round, I wanted us to just be like we used to, I miss his hugs a lot. I got my stuff and left them at the door, I can get them later, I just wanted to see him. I walked down to his flat for 20 minutes, thinking about how things looked up, I didn't even have to go into counselling this time! I smiled and opened the flat door and walked up to the first floor and opened his door, he was coming out of the kitchen. He saw me and smiled.

?Kool!? He nodded. I smiled.

?Hi!? I went closer to him but he just went into the living room. No hug? I scratched my head and walked into the living room. He sat in a single chair so I sat in the big one opposite and sighed ready for a conversation and to tell him everything, and how I felt about Marcel, and the negative things I felt too.

?I got so much-? He put the volume up and started laughing at that channel aka thing. I sighed and watched in silence, he continued eating his chocolate. He looked at me for ages and snapped out of it and offered me chocolate. I smiled and went to take it and he pulled me on his lap. I sat down and he held me tight and kissed my back. I lowered the TV and ate some chocolate.

?How are you?? He said. I smiled and nodded.

?Fine thank you, how are you??

?I'm good, now.? I smiled and fed him some chocolate. He ate it and smiled.

?I miss this.? I whispered. He nodded looking in my eyes.

?Same man. Completely, but it don't have to change, still love you, I mean it.?

?I do too.? I said putting my head on his shoulder. He held my hands and we locked them together. He kissed them gently.

?So hows life princess.?

?Mmm it's okay.? He nodded.

?Anything new?? I gulped, he's not gonna like what is new.

?Erm I have a boyfriend.? I said biting my gums. He looked at me for time.

?Who the fuck is it.?

?Marcel, he lives in West London.? I said quickly. He screwed his face for ages and stiffened up. He didn't say nothing for an hour and I sat there quietly because I didn't want to tell it all in one go, and he knew there was more.

?Go on then.? He said. I turned to him and sat on top on him and rested on his shoulder again.

?He's let me move in with him.?

?You got fucking uni in September!? He said angrily.

?I know but I withdrew my application, gap year.?

?Emily!? He said sighing.

?I'm sorry Denzel, I just wanted to have a bit of time out.? I looked up at him, he was really angry.

?I need to meet this guy.? He said.

?No please, he hasn't done nothing.? I said sighing.

?If he hurts you I swear I'll burn him in his fucking house, or do something really nasty to him, I swear, I'll torture him and rip his skin off, I'd fucking stab him.?

?Denzel.? I said softly. ?Don't say that, he really likes me, and I like him.?

?Em, a relationship?? He said worried. I nodded.

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