Emily 68.

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We played playstation till around 12 noon, we made sandwiches and jammed for a bit talking.

"I'll tell you a secret okay?" She smiled. I nodded and held her hand and she sipped her drink and put it down, she was such a little madam.

"Well, you know ma." She giggled, I started laughing. I nodded and she toned down her voice.

"Her and Clinton always argue, he doesn't like someone, and I heard them shouting, and ma said she's not going to argue about it. Then umm mammie told Viv she has feelings, I don't get that, but she isn't gonna fight any more." I was puzzled, she covered her mouth and cuddled up to me, I hugged her and she grabbed the remote and watched quietly, I was thinking about whatever she was on about, till it started making sense. I got it, I took a deep breath. I didn't wanna think about all that, I just wanted to enjoy the holidays with both of them and mum and the rest of the family.

"YO GABBA GABBA!" She shouted and laughed, I smiled to myself and touched her hair, it was really soft in fact. It's just the colour, dad boied my child's life, talk about inheriting ginger hair. Even our skin tone is a bit fucked. Bustard! We watched TV for a few minutes and put it off.

"Come on, let's go see uncle Ty and come back later yeah?" She nodded and jumped up and held my hands. Whilst she got her DS, I went upstairs, to Emily's room I prepared, I opened it, she weren't in there. I went in Nicole's, she weren't in there. I went in mine she was laying under the covers. I slowly crept up to her side and sat down and pulled the covers down from her face.

"N'awww my likkle Emmie shugar!" I whispered near her face and kissed her cheek, she opened one eye and smiled.

"Denzel, I feel literally exhausted."

"Just catch up with all the sleeping you want, I'm taking Nicole out."

"Okay, what time you coming?"

"I'll probably bring mum, so around 7,"

"I'll cook." I smiled and nodded.

"What you gonna cook?"

"If you have chicken, like the full thing I can make that and rice or like plantain if you have any?"

"The green one?" She nodded.

"Yeah there's like three down stairs."

"Nicole loves it, so I'll make some of that and rice too."

"Ite, I'm going out yeah." She smiled and nodded. I got up and got a few things and left, I went downstairs and we left with her concentrating hard on her game, she looked at the car and her surroundings.

"You got a nice lawn, nice fresh cute grass! Yeahh!" She sighed, I laughed and opened the door for her, she jumped in and I did her seat belt. I closed the door and got in the front and made sure I did the child lock, I've been traumatized by Joel, opening the door when I'm driving, lil twat. She was full of chatter when we were on the road.

"...And mum makes these delicious double cheese burgers, Mc Donald's ain't got nuttin' on mama!" I laughed. "Your right, your mum's cooking is the one."

"PREACH POPS!" She shouted, I laughed and put on some music and she was singing along to K'naan. It was cute when she was singing. We got to Tyrone's, and I got her out and we went to his door and she insisted on pressing the bell, I lifted her up and she pressed it and giggled. I heard Delicia screaming and she opened the door, Nicole just walked in saying thank you.

"Yo!" I hi five'd her.

"Hi Uncle! DADDDDDYYYYYY!" She screamed.

"WHAT HAVE I TOLD YOU ABOUT SHOUTING IN MY FUCKING HOUSE, BEFORE I SEND YOU BACK TO YOUR MUM!" He shouted, see that's where kids pick it up from, he's shouting, so she's shouting, how you gonna get through to a child if your like that. Nicole held my hand and we went in the living room.

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