Emily 39.

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I made Denzel some dinner that night, and left. That night I couldn't sleep I kept thinking about him, I know he would just be messing around to keep his mind off things, getting drunk and smoking all sorts of things. If I was back there I could of comforted him, but I need to be with Marcel. He hugged me tight.

?Come on Em, sleep.? He mumbled.

?No.? I said.


?I'm thinking, and no! I don't wanna talk about it, just sleep.? I sighed.

?Kiss.? I pecked his lips and he turned around and resumed snoring. I lay there wondering what drove her to kill her baby, I had her number, I have never spoken to her, we didn't have anything to say really. I sighed and lay down and snuggled up to Marcel. He hugged me and we fell asleep...

I woke up the next day and we both got ready to be at separate places.

?Where you going then?? He said.

?Umm just to sort things out, nothing to worry about.?

?Right.? He said in a strop.

?What's wrong??

?You always doing something else init, I take days off to spend with you and your always down somewhere else! What are you doing? It's frustrating, it's like a year and I don't know shit about you.? He said angrily. I just continued getting ready, these little arguments happened once in a while, I was used to it, I didn't say anything, because he gets more angry so I just left it.

?Always down in South, what the fuck man. What's there that's fascinating?? He shouted. I walked away and got my stuff and left. I caught the tube down there and went to Denzel's house. The workmen working downstairs let me through and I went up and knocked the door. I waited and she opened, all dressed up and happy, I could read straight through her, she's empty, and afraid.

?He's not in.? She said smiling. I nodded slowly.

?Actually came to talk to you?? I smiled.

?Oh well I'm busy.?

?Oh right, erm okay, bye!? I smiled and turned around.

?Actually...? I turned. ?...Come in.? She said sighing. I went in, and she looked nice, what she was wearing was abit weird and revealing. I smiled as she led me into the living room. I sat down and she sat opposite me playing with her hair.

?So what do you want to say??

?I know it's hard with what's happened.? She chuckled.

?I was waiting for you to say it. Something happens between me and D, and he doesn't talk to me. No He comes to you! Is this a three way relationship or something? I don't get it!? She said confused.

?Oh no! He was upset.?

?Well, he should come talk to me about it, not go to another girl and find comfort in that.?

?We're best friends.?

?I don't care if your soul mates! It has nothing to do with you! Or anyone else, it just pushes me away more from him, I feel like this relationship involves his mum, his cousins, you, his boys, the whole of South London, UK, the whole world!? I remained silent.

?Erm, Denzel tells everything to anyone who listens that's how he is.? I said quietly.

?Right like I was there! Why couldn't he speak to me. What a bloody relationship, you know what I want us to move away from this bloody place, that way I can actually talk to him, with all you idiots here I don't think I'll be able to do anything, your all in our business!? She said and looked at the Tv.

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