Emily 31.

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We've been back in England for a while now, holiday was fucking good though, must go again. Em was off with me, like seriously, half way through the holiday she was doing something undercover, so I did my own ting, and man had fun, allow wasting my life on one chick, who can't see it. So you know, that's done. She don't rarely come round now, when I go over, she uses the chicks favourite line, ?Oh I'm busy, I need time alone.? I gave her plenty space. She was up to something, but to be honest I can't be bothered, your always gonna loose your friends, new ones come and go. I proper loved her and everything. But oh well. Moving on.

I was seeing some chick though. I stopped seeing most mixed race chicks, looking at it from the 3rd eye, them lot are quite devious, Ella, Hanna, Jodie, Sinead, Candice, Chanel. Hmmm all them were skets, bitches or something out of the extraordinary. I settled on this nice black girl called Geraldine. She was really friendly at first, it was 3/ 4 weeks after me and everyone came back from Ibiza, and guess what, them shag bands still ain't snapped, I wore long sleeves and everything, because bare chicks looking at me like I'm a dickhead, when I say hi. Even skets! It's a problem, I was feeling the stress of not having sex, for this long, it's like a really long time. Oh well, I'm living, I should write a book, on these effects, helps though because when I talk to Geraldine, I don't get the urge to wanna do something, and she's civilized. Same age, college, a-level. Thing was we never told anyone, I wanted things to go right for once, like properly. She'd come over when James weren't round and we'd jam and talk about stuff. She was hmm, normal yeah, but she was talkative when it was me and her, when my other female friends were round she's bare quiet and smiles. Like proper normal. It scared me, I'm used to my chicks arguing because I hugged someone else or I said hi to someone. Like Sinead, ex, if I say hi to anyone else, we won't be talking for a month, Candice, I bandage Emily's cuts, a big issue, ?oh your fucking her!? You know, things that you usually happens when get with girls. It was weird. She came over on to see me when she was free which were mostly Saturdays and Sunday nights. Unfortunately she saw the shag bands, and giggled and kissed my cheek. It weren't even funny. I tried scissors, knives, I got a strap when I was at the run down house and attempted to shoot it. I can't get it off, and it's bare old. It been fucking 4 months since that holiday! How!! Tell me how! My mum even thought I had been fucking random chicks and one put it there! I gave up and began to fiddle with it, kept me stress free, and company when I was bored. I started working hard in college, was my last year, I stopped fucking about and actually went to the library, I sat there and read the books and did the work, it was good.

Another normal day at college sitting there working hard, and texting Geraldine. I put my phone down and Emily came in with her books. I smiled at her and she smiled back and sat next to me.

?Hi D.?

?Kool, you alright?? She nodded and looked at my phone. ?Urghh you got a black berry!? She rolled her eyes.

?Yep.? I smiled. I hadn't seen her in ages. She was doing her own thing now.

?So what you been doing these days?? I smiled.

?Nothing, just working and stuff,?

?Oh kool? I said flicking through my pages.


?Just working and helping my mum out with the kids.? She nodded sighing. I knew she was doing a her own thing since our holiday, she just didn't tell me anything, I didn't ask, so I don't need to explain.

?Anything or anyone new in your life?? She asked. I shook my head, lying. Why should I tell her I was seeing someone, we ain't a couple yet, so you know. I wanted to fully get over Emily before I get with anyone, I don't wanna hurt anyone. It ain't fair.

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