Emily 24.

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Emily! -Denzel's view.

I moved around and opened my eyes, kmt, the way my head was banging from whatever happened yesterday. I sat up for a bit and seeing objects where abit weird at first then it got back to normal. I could actually smell Emily all over the sheets, but she weren't there, and it was cold, so I don't know. I got up and got some boxers and a string vest and walked out the room and went and refreshed my self. James was pissing me off, he constantly had loud music on, because of him we've drove three neighbours away. I sighed and wiped my face and went into the kitchen and made breakfast, I had a bangin head as well. He came in and screwed me. I kissed my teeth and continued making food.

?Seriously I thought it was close friendship,? he said. I looked at the prick and raised an eyebrow.

?If your turning gay, please move out and don't ever call me again.? I sighed.

?Do you even know what I'm on about.?

?No James, I never do! Because I'm either drunk, or not listening to you!? I smiled. I stirred some sugar in my cornflakes and ate it cold.

?What happened last night?? He said seriously.

?I got drunk and somehow ended up in this house, and had some really nasty dream.? I scratched my head. Like I was going to share it with him, pshh.

?What about Emily?? He said still with a straight face

?Yeah what about her?? I said.

?Denzel do you know what you did with her?? He said eager. I stared at the wall and dropped my bowl on the counter.

?Fuck.? I shut my eyes.

?Yes Fuck indeed,? He said. I stood there trying hard to think, but I couldn't, it felt so much like a dream, but it wasn't her in my dream, it was some unknown prick's face.

?Where she gone?? I said worried. He shrugged.

?She was crying when I saw her, she left at 4 in the flipping morning.? I swallowed hard and then laughed.

?Nah I can't have!? I said, it was a dream, and just that.

?I heard you two.? He said. I shook my head.

?Can't have done that, she's my best friend, I can't, swear down.? I whispered.

?You fucked her dude, you fucked her good, heard you lot.? He smiled and tapped my arm.

?It was more of uhhh Denzel.? He laughed. I was just dumbstruck, I can't have done that to the only girl I ever respected. I just walked into my room and closed the door, the room smelt of her, a lot. Her night dress was on the floor, I picked it up and sat down on my bed and smelt it, to be honest I smelt my aftershave all over that. I dropped it and placed my head in my hands and groaned. What was wrong with her, why couldn't she just talk to me? James came in and sat next to me.

?I can even smell her and your sex in here.? He laughed. I looked at him and didn't say nothing.

?Why D man, seriously, why??

?I don't know, I shouldn't have gone, I should have gone and see her and spend time with her, she knew I was out of it, I don't fucking get it.?

?You still fucked her!? He creased.

?Don't say it like that.?

?But you did.? He laughed. I shook my head. ?Fine you and Emily slept together, better?? He thought the whole thing was a joke.

?Misunderstanding and it must of meant something to her, so don't address it like that man.?

?Ite, but how do you feel about it??

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