Emily 32.

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?I'll pull it yeah?? James said.

?I've tried, it hurts my skin because it rubs onto it, I got a rash there!? I said. We removed the green one. It's the black one, the one I need to snap to have some good sex!

?You deserve an award,? Tyrone laughed.

?Watch I'm buying one for you. This one is so thick and hard,? I frowned. Geraldine laughed and came and sat next to me and fiddled with it.

?Don't pull please, look at my heat rash!? I sighed. She nodded felt it a bit and went into her purse. She got them nail clippers and put the rubber in between and pushed it down for a bit after 5 minutes, it started ripping.

?Where did you get it?? She said.

?SPAIN!? I said. She laughed.

?Oh right, no wonder!? She did it for time, and it ripped. I chucked it at James' head and scratched my rash.

?Lucky prick.? James said and got up.

?Come Tee we go check the car.?

?You lot we're downstairs for two seconds yeah?? We both nodded and they went down, it was raining why would they bother. Geraldine closed the door.

?Lock it.? I grinned. She laughed and locked and bolted the door, and put the chain. I scratched my arm for time, it was getting proper red, but the scratching felt so good. She came and sat on my lap.

?It's dark and it's raining, and you locked the door.? I smiled and shrugged. She pulled my arm away from my rash and kissed my lips. I lipsed her back for time and we lay in the sofa doing our ting. She pulled away.

?I ain't done this in time.? I whispered, it was frustrating now.


?Fucking yes!?

?But the boys.?

?Fuck them.? She thought for a while and nodded. I grinned and picked her up and took her to my room, everyone was out the house, oh beautiful. I'm gonna fuck! Yes! OH YESS! She started undressing me and we were kissing and suddenly heard the boys knocking. All the lights were off. I picked her up and went to the door and closed it, they can fuck off. We went back to the bed and I lay her down and started kissing her neck. How I've missed this. I removed her bra and kissed her breast and played with them for a bit.

?DENZEL OPEN THE DOOR MAN!? I heard the door bang hard. Geraldine giggled and kissed me. I took some condoms from my draw and put them on the bed. She removed my boxers for me and I put on the condom and opened her legs. The door was still banging, fuck them man, they were proper laughing at me for time. Why? Their dickheads. They can stay there and do whatever. I wasted no time with foreplay, fuck that, my dick could please her in one, waste no time. I slowly entered her, took some time, fucking hell.

?Your so tight.? I whispered.

?A year.? She sighed.

?Fuck!? I whispered. I pushed deep into her and she groaned. The door was still banging, they don't seem to understand, I'm having an important physical moment with my chick, so fuck off. I started moving slowly for a bit and she started moaning.

?Faster.? She said, I went faster and it went on for time. She came for about 3 times, and I buss in the condom and collapsed on her. She took a deep breathe and sighed.

?I'm fucking satisfied!? I sighed.

?Mmm..? I looked at her and she looked back at me.

?I like you a lot.? I smiled.

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