The "M" word

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So I sealed the deal for the company and for me that was worth celebrations for weeks on end, maybe even months!

Vince walked past my office as I spun in my chair.

"Well done bruv! You just keep smashing down these smaller businesses and making them ours! We are growing by the day."

"Yes!" I said throwing my fist in the air. I was proper proud of myself. I had come a long way. I was no more a stupid little kid that was wasting his life away on the streets or stuck and money conscious. Money was no more the problem. Family was no more the problem. Nothing was a problem; right now I was the man.

"Was heading out for lunch! Wanna join?" He asked coming into the office.

"Nah! I am too excited to eat. I was proper tensed this morning I must have digested all my nerves. I just don't feel hungry." I laughed and patted my belly.

"Ah, I can grab you a sandwi-" Just as he was about to finish Anna walked in.

"Hey boss!" She smiled and looked at Vince. "Hey Vince! Do you guys want to grab some lunch?" She leaned her head on the door and had the biggest smile on her face.

"And what makes you so happy madam?" I sat up in my chair laughing.

"You!" She paused. "I mean, this deal you sealed. The company was worth millions! You just brought in racks for all your colleagues, then the investors, and even us the personal assistants. You boss, are the ultimate king!" She screeched.

I will not lie it was nice to hear it. I hate blowing my own trumpet, but if others blow it for me, I am more than willing to embrace it. Especially women, they just puff up your ego. If Anna could make me feel so good that I could out there and squeeze out other small businesses and buy them out, then what the hell would Emily make me feel like. I had not even called her. My thoughts reminded me that I could spend my lunch break just telling her, it felt proper nice to hear my woman big me up.

"Soooo lunch?" She asked. Vince looked at me earnestly for an answer. I shook my head and laughed.

"Ahhhhh you ain't told her yet have you?" Vince laughed lightly.

"Told who what?" Anna smiled.

"My woman. I promised her this morning I would tell her how the deal went and she promised to cook me up a treat if I secured it! So basically my humble great people, I will not be eating lunch because not only has she packed me what looks to be er..." I moved my chair towards my mini fridge and opened it, pulling out a plastic container, "...err a mean chicken wrap, but she will be cooking something out of heaven tonight. So enjoy your breaks guys, and here take my card, drinks and lunch on me!" I pulled out the company business card so they could get a tab on my card at the local pub.

"Oh no! So you won't let us all celebrate tonight?" She whined.

"Are you whining?" I said in disbelief.

"Yes! I AM! Because we all put in long hours to get this deal! It's important for us to celebrate! Even if not for lunch at least after work, we can all go celebrate at a bar!" She looked defeated.

"Yeah Denzel! You can't build us up to this, and then go home to you woman and kids and sleep. Come let's do this!" Vince said.

I took a deep breath and shrugged.

"Let me talk to Em about it. She hates me staying out late." I sighed.

"But you're the man! Have the authority! Moreover majority speaks!" Anna said flicking her hair back.

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