Emily 36.

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Time flew by and I was with Marcel, my first proper boyfriend. I opened up to him about things, we shared information and he told me about his anger and how he was trying to control it, and things were working, I was happy we spent time together and I could be myself around him. There was just one problem, he didn't know when I wanted to be alone, he didn't understand why, it was just something I do to remember my family and think about decisions I make. The less time I have alone the more things seem to depress me. He didn't understand that, my hide out was Denzel's house, and he'd let me be alone for hours so I can think. In time I'm sure he'll understand.

I made him breakfast and he came down and smiled at me.

?Hug!? He opened his arms and yawned, I gave him a long one and he kissed my forehead.

?Ahh I'm tired!? He rubbed his eyes. I giggled, he's tired because he went clubbing all night since it was a Friday, so result! I sat down and ate my cornflakes, he boiled the kettle and sat next me, I liked his house, it was a proper home, how he makes his money I don't know.

?What should we do today babe??

?Erm I don't mind, it's too hot to go outside.? I said looking out.

?DVD's?? He asked playing with my hair. I nodded and smiled. He kissed my cheek and ate some of his bacon on his plate, he fed me some and we sat there enjoying each other's presence. He kept touching me, we have been together a while now, it was heading into October and we were together for 5 months, we hadn't done anything, he didn't force me or anything, or talk about it, but I could see he wanted to. I smiled and got up and washed up while he made some tea.

?Hmm I need to go shopping.? He said looking in the cupboard.

?I'll come.?

?Okay we'll go tomorrow, I'm too upset to shop.? He sighed.

?Why what's up??

?I'm tired, and can't be bothered.?

?Don't worry. Make sure your home tonight.? I smiled. He came to me and hugged me from behind.

?Why you cooking or something??

?Ermm hmmm yeah, I'm gonna go see Solange now, I'll be back at 6, so have the whole day to rest.?

?Aww okay, will miss you and your sexy self.? I hid my face and he laughed.

?Your so shy and you act like we just me.?

?Sorry, it's just weird.? I giggled. He smiled and turned me around fully and pushed me against the sink and kissed me slowly. I sighed and held him and he pulled away slowly.

?Hmmm...? He smiled. I smiled back shyly and he played with my hair.

?So you gonna leave me for the whole day?? He asked. I shook my head.

?I'll come at 6, I promise.? I kissed him again.

?Okay, go get ready I'll drop you, need to check one boy who owes me.? I looked at him for a few seconds.

?Don't cause trouble Marcel.? I sighed. He smiled innocently.

?I won't, swear down.? I sighed and nodded and went upstairs and got ready, which took an hour because I dressed up, made myself look nice and then another hour to do my hair and make up. He came up and looked at me.

?If any man tries it, I will go mental.? He said sitting down and watching me. I laughed.

?I am seeing Solange, that's it.? He nodded and smiled.

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