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"Mmm sounds good!" Viv giggled. I was sitting there watching her talk dirty down the phone, her voice goes low and she sounds like a horny Whoppie Goldberg. I rolled my eyes, and was thinking about what I could do, I wanted to get my nails down and get my hair curled, I wanted a girly day out, with Nic and Viv, I knew Viv would be seeing someone tonight, by the way she touched her self. It was disgusting, she basically treats this holiday as a personal toy boy treat, when I say she loves younger boys, I'm talking first year students at Uni, 18 year olds, she kept adding younger boys on facebook. CRINGE. I got up and went to my room, Nic was on her DS and playing games. I looked through my stuff on the floor and picked out my light blue tight fitted jeans and a vest top just above my belly button. I wore my black heels and put my hair up in a tight pony and got my hoops. I wore my clothes got my demin jacket.

"Come on Nic love, I wanna go hair salon, get this hair wavey for abit." I said. She looked at me and nodded.

"Are we taking Aunt Viv?" I chuckled and shook my head.

"She might be getting company." I said. She shrugged and got her pastry trainers. I picked out some skinny's for her, no way is she wearing tracksuits! I got her favourite Nike t-shirt and her necklace and lay it on the bed and did my make-up, she came in, no complaints and wore everything. I looked at her hair.

"Come." I said. She ran to me and sat on the floor. I couldn't do much with her frizz. I sighed and put some cream in it to soften it, and comb through, it was softer and getting curled. I put it up and the back left a beautiful red tight curls. I put earrings in her ears and some lip-gloss on her lips. She smiled at me and looked in the mirror.

"I look nice!" She smiled.

"Of course you do, your beautiful."

"Like you!" She hugged me, I kissed her forehead, and we started giggling, she poked my cheek and I did the same and got up and got my black leather bag. She got her DS and we left. We walked down the street to the main road full of chatter. Some boys were winking at me and I looked at them and felt pitty, stupid little boys. Nicole looked and giggled. I looked at her as we waited at the bus stop.

"One lesson my girl, don't let a man hurt you!" I smiled.

"Oh they won't! Demarco's been showing me boxing!" She smiled happily.

"You did some damage to his nose, your lucky his mother ain't them crazy women! Like La Toya!"

"I told him not to touch my bum!" She screwed.

"You kids!" She looked at me.

"Right, can't we just get a taxi! I like the taxi's!" She said happily. I laughed and grabbed her hand and we continued to walk into the main street, we walked for a bit and people in fast cars kept beeping, if they must know, I'm a mother and I'm quite old. More over, it's here, I find them all weird now. We got a black taxi 20 minutes later.

"Where to sweetheart?" The old man said. I gave him the directions, and we sat in a comfortable silence till we got there. I liked those professional hair stylist, usually I went to more of white people because they did my hair better than when I visited black hair salons. My hair was longer, so I got it cut, some exstentions were added and I had it waved. Nicole watched through it amazed.

"You so look HAWT MA!" She giggled, people kept looking at her and smiling, she would scan through everyone and polietly smile back. She tapped the man and he looked down at her.

"Your a lovely man." She said. She said it to white men that looked like Prince William. I don't know why.

"Oh thank you sweetie, you from America?"

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