Emily 9.

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It was soon November, and I got to know Reece in two months. He was normal, nothing extreme happened in his life, and he wasn't one of those boys who were disturbed, he was normal. I didn't want to let him my world like I did with Denzel because he would think I needed to be in a home, I lost everyone around me and I hurt myself when I'm upset. I sometimes thought I was capable of murder, yet I'm quiet and can't fight battles.

Me and him had become quite good friends, which I thought was cool. I was at home with Solange.

?So where's he taking you??

?We're only going to Nandos!? I said. She made such a big deal of things.

?Only?? I nodded. She laughed and opened my wardrobe. She had bought me new clothes, and I never even wore them. She picked out these shiny sequins leggings and a black long top.

?I don't like the top.? She looked at me like she was going to kill me, so I was quiet and she laid it on the bed. She made me sit down and she started doing my hair and make-up.

?I don't like him like that!? I sighed.

?Yeah but like you still gotta look good!? She smiled. I nodded and sat there and let her cake my face in make-up. She let me dress and she was jumping around.

?You look good!? I laughed and put on my shoes.

?He's a lucky man!? She said excited. I smiled. I didn't like Reece like that, it was just a friendship thing. He soon came and we all went in his car and he dropped Solange at home, after she made him. She got out the car and we went to Nandos. He kept complimenting me, and I was polite and said thank you.

?You really do look nice!? He said again and sighing.

?Thank you!? I smiled.

?Your welcome.? We sat there waiting for our food and just talking.

?I've observed a lot about you, your really quiet.? He said looking at me.

?Yeah, I know. I am only loud when I'm angry!? I smiled. That he would never see because I was alone when I was upset, always.

?Ah I see!? He smiled. Our food came and we ate and he kept making me laugh and kept saying how pretty I was, or how nice I looked. After that we walked around and he took me home after and stood outside the flats.

?I actually enjoyed that, it was fun!? He said smiling.

?Me too!? I actually thought it was funny, because he made me laugh so much. He was staring at me for ages. I felt nervous. Really nervous. He moved closer and lifted my face up and kissed me. In my mind I was slightly confused. I kept thinking it was Denzel, because he was the only one I ever kissed, but in another way it wasn't because he did it differently, so I had mixture of thought in my mind. He pulled away and smiled. I smiled back.

?So I'll see you next week, I am on that trip to New York.?

?Oh yeah.? I said quietly.

?Bye!? I waved. He laughed and hugged me. I slowly hugged him back, he was nice.

?Bye Reece!? He pulled away and walked and went. I smiled and walked into my flat and went up to my door. I went in and took my shoes off. Immediately after Pearl rushed to me and jumped on me. I laughed and took her into the kitchen and gave her some food. I sat on my counter watching her eat and thought about what just happened with Reece. I was going to feel so shy after this day. It was so weird. I wasn't going to tell anyone, because they'd find something funny about the whole thing, so I just kept it to myself, like I did with other situations. I went to my room and changed into my night dress. I can't believe Solange even bought me a new one of those, it was so skimpy and showing a lot of skin. I chuckled to myself, and made a mental note to re-buy all the stuff she gave away to Oxfam. I missed my old clothes. I was just getting used to these. I got into bed and lay there thinking about people in my life. I hadn't spoken to Denzel in ages. It was ridiculous, every time we called each other we were busy. Nowadays I rarely saw him in college too. I didn't go near him when he was with his friends and when him and Candice were together. It felt like me and him were slowly going our own ways. It was bound to happen. Whatever happened to ?I swear I'll never leave you? or ?I promise I'll always be here,? his promises where like my mum's, dad's and grandma's. A packet of lies and a half. I didn't complain though, I don't own him, and he had his own life, he can't be stuck with me for life. I closed my eyes and slept.

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