Emily 46.

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A month later and she was still getting treatment from my mum, people were still in the house, my aunty moved the christening too. KMT. I think Em's half way there, but she's fucking keen on coming in my room and stuff. I don't want my mum to kill me, I mean if we were at my I would of given in by now, but then again I doubt I would, I liked to think of myself as a ?reformed man? I doubt that, I jut ain't done that shit in long. She came into my room and started dancing to Drake. I watched her and she started laughing.

?I wanna marry him.? She sighed.

?Go on then.? I said.

?Watch me I will!? She shouted.

?Shh. My mum will get suspicious.? I laughed.

?Don't lock your door at night, I could not get through yesterday.? I shrugged. She sat down next to me and looked down, she giggled and pointed at her left breast.


?I have a spot.? She said.

?Emily stop showing me man.?

?Why!? She shouted.

?I don't wanna see it.? She shrugged.

?I'll go show Jevron then!? She smiled and got up. I grabbed her and pulled her ontop of me.

?You ain't getting freaky with my cousin, so forget it,? She laughed harder.

?Your being pathetic D. I wouldn't want to have sex with him.? She said sweetly. I looked at her closely, she would. She's being weird, she would, if he gave her a sweet or something.

?You would.? She shook her head.

?With you.? She whispered and hugged me.


?Yeah, because you'd make it special,?

?Nah, last time I was drunk. It ain't happening, so forget it.? She giggled.

?You were still nice though, you just treated me like a slut.? She said looking into space, and giggling. I sighed and kissed her.

?I'm sorry, come on I was drunk, and I didn't exactly know I was gonna come home and see my best friend in bed ready for fucking did I??

?We didn't fuck, it was a erm..?


?Nooo it was love.? She said. I personally didn't think it was, but I don't know what's wrong with her. I nodded slowly and didn't say anything.

?You know if it was love, I wouldn't be drunk.? I whispered. She looked at me and got up.

?What?? She whispered. I shrugged.

?That's not a nice thing to say, so you treated me like a slut?? Her voice was shaky. I stared at her and she looked at me.

?I never ever mean hardly anything to you do I?? She shouted. I got angry and stormed in her face.

?You! I loved you! What did you do? Go get your self with someone who can't stand up to a man, some one who abused you, I'll always hate you for that!? I shouted. She sighed.

?WHATEVER!? She screamed and started crying. ?I HATE YOU!? I shrugged.

?We're good at breaking each other's heart, all we are meant to be is friends, you only seem to want me when things are fucked.? I said. I was right, I don't care!

?Yeah I do, you only seem to care when none of the girls are good for you. Your right I didn't want you, I'm not your type, you wouldn't love me like I would want you to!? She said. I sat there and wondered why we were arguing. She was heading for the door.

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