Emily 71.

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Nicole was staying with Diane, she wanted to see more of her and her other grandchildren, and so on, so with me, I just didn't want to be alone in that house, and Denzel would be doing whatever, like working on projects, so I went out a lot with Stacey, and the boys, but then she also had a man to attend to, so I was eventually stuck in with Denzel, and he was always doing something. I started reading again and kept my self occupied, on days Nicole wasn't around.

"Denzel go away I'm trying to read." I pushed him, he laughed and got off.

"Let's go out."

"No." Your boring!". I said, he started laughing and shook his head.


"I wanna stay in, London's boring, the girls basically talk about you in front of you, I thought that died when you left being a teenager, I hate them, and they stink of cheap perfume, I don't wanna go out!" I snapped.

"What's wrong Em, your being all snappish and that."

"Time of the effin' month." I huffed and kept my eyes on the book. He rubbed my stomach.

"N'aww! It will go."

"It lasts so long though, my other one was two bloody weeks. I hate them so much, been abit dodgy for some time now." I threw the book on the floor and felt really angry.

"It's okay."

"No it's not, it hurts and I get a nasty headache." He sighed and hugged me tight. I was tensed, but inhaled his scent and relaxed in his arms.

"So what should we do?"

"Let's watch movies, and be covered up and warmed up in a duvet and talk about life."

"Sounds very boring, but okay." He said. I smacked his arm and he laughed, we both got up and went downstairs with all the pillows and our big covers, and he put in some horrible film, I mean, it was too graphical and the crime in it was disturbing.

"You picked it." He said.

"No! I thought it was Boyz N the something!" I shouted. He just laughed at me.

"No you said you wanted to watch Boyz N the hood, and in the CD was Max Payne. He laughed. I covered my face as the man used his sword to do his very worst. Who still uses a sword in the 21st century.

"This is not cool, I love romantic comedy, and I like nice films." I sulked, I was so angry. I hit him and he laughed. I punched him and he sat there laughing.

"Take it out." I said.

"Urgh Emily, go have you phone sex with your man, don't try it with me. In this house, you act like an adult, your an exception, you can try and act like a mature woman, okay?" He looked down at me and I tutted and screwed him and kept it going.

"You ruin everything, grow up your self!" I got up and walked out the living room, I don't even know why I'm angry, it's just the second day, and it's heavier and just makes me grumpy and rude. I stormed up to the room I was suppose to be lying in, it was cold and just nasty, I lay in bed and had a nasty stomach ache, I covered my face with the pillow, and fell asleep. When I did wake up, Denzel was sitting there smiling smugly at me. I covered my face with the covers, and he lay next to me.

"Sorry Emma-ly." He laughed, he said it how Nicole says it, it pissed me off and I swore at him and told him to get out.

"Shit you've got a few days more of this rain of the reds things, it's like the clash of the titans for you love ain't it?" He said. I used my leg under the covers to whack the sigh of his thigh, he didn't even move.

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