Emily 65.

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It's been two full weeks and I was at home lying in bed, I hadn't spoken to my mum about it, I couldn't be bothered, fuck it. I was just so angry, I wasted years on this bitch, and this marriage wasn't worth shit! I don't think I wanna get married again, and in my next life, it's out of the picture. I sat up and started packing her shit up into all her bags, I just chucked everything in bags and and black bin liners. I tied them up and threw them downstairs. I threw all her shoes in another bag, chucked that downstairs, I put everything she ever bought in a bag and threw it downstairs. Got a brown envelop and went downstairs, I opened the front door and chucked everything outside. I put them all in the back of the car and closed the door, I got in the car, and drove to her mum's house, I knew she'd been hiding out there. I got out the car, and went to the boot and got everything out and out the back and chucked them in front of the door. I knocked the door, and after a while her mum opened, she smiled at me, I just got to the point.

"There's her stuff." I said, she looked down and back up at me sympathetically.

"Denzel please, she-"

"Where is she anyway?" I said.

"In the living room." I pushed past her and went straight to the living room ,she was sitting there watching TV. She looked at me and was blank. I threw the envelope at her.

"Divorce, erm I've done my bit." I said. She looked at me and kissed her teeth.

"I am ill!"


"Denzel calm d-"

"No! Your daughter makes me sick! We ARE having a divorce, not we're thinking of it, we are having one! FINAL. I brought your stuff. Stay away from me till this is over, and we can go our own way." I said and walked out the house. She was screaming at me, waste of time, stupid bitch. I drove off and went home and cleared the house up, I was bored and couldn't be fucked to go out. Moved furniture around and hovered everywhere, I cleaned the rooms up, it was fun, put abit of music on and just cleared the house. I removed all the sheets and threw them away, I moved stuff into the spare room and in the evening I was done. I was so bored, wow for a 27 year old I should have things to do, but I didn't. I was stressed, I went out and just kept driving, I pulled up near a bus stop and thought of what I'd tell my mum, if she finds out she cheated, she'll murder someone, I didn't want to add more to her stress so I was gonna just tell her, far from now. I closed my eyes for abit, and just thought.

"Are you lost?" I jumped and someone was staring in my face.

"No." She giggled.

"You look abit lost, do you need a ride?" She laughed. I got what she meant. I just put the engine off and drove off, prostitutes these days, all remind me of her...


I was sitting in the garden watching Nicole and Demarco play and run around, I sat in this rocking chair that Dale and Viv fixed up under the Palm tree. I used the house phone and the phone card and called him. It rang for a while, recently, he hasn't been picking up, I hope he's not mad at me or anything. He picked up.

"Hello?" He groaned.

"Hi Denzel, it's me." I smiled.

"Emily, you alright?" He lightened up and even laughed. I smiled happily, I got little butterflies in my stomach.

"Yes I'm fine, how are you?"

"I'm okay." It was silent for abit.

"I miss you." I quickly said. He chuckled.

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