Crying for you, my specialty

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I sat looking at my plate angry, I hate fish, and that was the main, well I hate when it’s not prepared the proper way. I moved my fork around the food and saw a sharp bone pointing at me. I sighed and lay my fork down. Emily sat back down and smiled.

“Pork!” She said enthusiastically at her plate.

“I got fish, I hate fish,”

“Why didn’t you ask for chicken or pork you bum?”

“They don’t have any more so I got this,” I frowned. She giggled and leaned in and kissed my cheek.

“Look have mine, I’ll have yours.” I shook my head.

“No you enjoy yours”,

“No D, I’ll enjoy my desert, and my OTHER desert.” She whispered the ending in my ear. I quickly swapped the plates and she giggled and we ate in perfect silence.

“The pork’s good isn’t it?” Anna said looking towards Emily and me.

“My fish is quite good.”

“Nah Em the pork is just…” I gave the hand gesture. They both giggled and continued eating, I shrugged and out table got into a good conversation, debating about who should pop the question for marriage.

“Well I think the woman can!” Anna protested. Me and James and Adrian laughed.

“Really?” Emily said. She nodded and Emily shrugged and almost gave the gesture that she agreed to the nonsense.

“So you would propose?” I said. She shrugged abit again.

“Not to you but you know!” Everyone on the table screeched and the girls giggled. I screwed her and said nothing more.

“Oh come on Denzel see the humor to it mate.” Adrian cried out, laughing hysterically.

“No.” I simply said and screwed the all.

“I would never let my woman propose, that’s like asking her to also take hold and own all my properties till I die. Where’s the logic please?” James sighed.

“No it just means she has more balls than you do, that’s all sweet lil James.” Emily stocked his chin as he bent down between her and me. We both screwed her, and everyone laughed.

“Your woman is iron lady today boy!” one girl said laughing. Emily and Anna laughed together and I could see tensions had died down between the two, which was nice, this meant I could relax and not listen to any uncomfortable vibes Emily felt. We all fell silent when the first dance happened, and everyone almost cooed at the same time. For me it was just this mask. I just didn’t see anything cute about it.

Since my divorce I’m just not buying the whole happiness with marriage garbage. I know it’s wrong, and Geraldine wasn’t exactly good for me, nor was I good for her, but I can read this whole scene and see something wrong with it.

Vince was in love, his girl, no. She wants his money, come on. She’d do anything for the money. Now their married, that’s just it, she’s got shares of everything he owns, everything his father left him before he died, that’s definitely going down the drain. I can’t exactly tell him…







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