Emily 14.

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I went upstairs into his room and his music was really loud, he just sat there looking angry. I sat on his lap and hugged him. He turned it down and sighed.

?That's why you kept me at yours init?? I nodded, and he groaned.

?I'm sorry Emz!? He said.

?It's okay, I should have told you everything, including the fact she kept making fun of me!? I sighed feeling upset.

?What, I swear you two are friends?? I shook my head.

?She's hated me since I ever started college, kept saying I liked girls and not boys, was saying why do I talk to you, I must be trying things with you so it doesn't look like I like girls, I don't understand, but it made me really upset, that's why we kind of drifted those few weeks ago, and I started to confined in Reece. I mean no one ever picks on me when I'm around you!? I truthfully admitted, it was true, girls only picked on me when I was constantly around him.

?Baby, I'm so sorry, you should have told me.? He whispered. I shook my head, I never would have. I never do.

?I didn't want to come in between your relationship, you were happy, I just kept myself away.?

?Arrgh Emz you always come first, you know that, everyone knows that, the amount of times I can mention your name in a day, is really amazing. I constantly think of you, you know!? He said quietly. I put my head on his shoulder and just listened to his calming voice and took a deep breath.

?Coz I love you loads, and I really care about you,? He said closing his eyes.

?Me too, I'm sorry I didn't tell you, I really am!?

?Baby it's fine. She ain't in my life no more, I'm seriously done with love, with these stupid girls who fuck about, had enough!? He said firmly. I played with his chain.

?You'll meet the right girl someday, but remember I want to be the best man!? He started laughing.

?Best man? Emz your a girl!?

?But they don't have a word for it.?

?Your funny!? I smiled and looked at him, he raised an eyebrow and I giggled.

?Why are you looking at me?? I shrugged.

?I never have a reason do I? So stop asking!? I smiled. He laughed and nodded. I went close to him and was going to kiss his cheek, but he moved his head and started kissing me deeply. I could read his emotions. He was upset and hurt but angry, he took it all out in that kiss. I held onto him and he pushed me back on the bed and lay ontop of me and continued. He stroked my thigh and he gently rested himself over me. I pulled away and smiled at him.

?Your upset and angry aren't you??

?How do you know??

?Because I can tell your emotions when you kiss me.? I quietly said. He smiled and nodded.

?I'm upset because she treated you like that, and caused that little drift we had, I'm hurt because Omar seriously wants me, and I'm angry because the bitch lied practically through out the whole relationship, so yeah I'm pretty mad.?

?Aww I'm sorry!? I said playing with his earlobe. He sighed and we just looked at eachother and smiled.

?Your quite good looking Denz!? He laughed.

?Seriously? Coming from you, I'm having a party!? I laughed and stroked his face.

?Yeah you are, your eyes are really nice!?

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