Emily 22.

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Two months past and I was just at home making food, I had made three pots of different foods in the last 4 hours, and consumed it all in one hour. My stomach wasn't visible, but it was big when I took all my tops off. I sometimes wrapped clothes around it to make it smaller when I wore thin tops. Denzel was still stupid, he was actually spending his time with his new girlfriend, I ignored his calls and turned all the lights out when he was coming over. He was just being so stupid. I had my scan, my baby's surrogacy mother came, and saw her baby, she was more than happy, I could see she'd fit in well with her family. I sat in my room and looked at the scan picture, she was so tiny, and her little legs, it was amazing. I put it in a frame and placed it next to my mothers. I sighed and lay in bed and felt quite alone. I mean I wanted to have this child when I was married, and it would be mine and my husband's, but bad things happen, and destroys your dreams. No matter where she ends up, I will always want her back, I even want her now, I feel so attached. I rubbed my stomach and started falling asleep..

I woke up the next day and just walked around and put on the heater. I was still tired, but I was hungry, so I started cooking. I got a text, from Denzel.

I miss you, plz talk to me..

Love you

I sighed and deleted his text. He knew I needed him, but he was always with her, and whenever I went over she was there too, it just got to the point, where I knew I should just leave him alone, I couldn't be bothered, and he always hurts me. I sighed and fed Pearl and got my food and watched a movie. I was so into it, it was those perfect love movies, I never got a chance to watch. I got up and put my plate in the sink and stood by the window and leaned on the counter, my baby was laying where is hurt, the end of my stomach was killing me, when she did that, she had been doing that for several days now. I told the nurse but she gave me the same line.

?It's normal Miss, it happens.? I went back to bed and lay there for a while. Solange started calling me.

?Yes.? I said in pain.

?You alright??

?Mm you??

?Yeah, wanted to come round and send the day with you, you know.?

?You never come round, I know Denzel told you to call me. I'm not stupid!? She sighed.

?He just wants to see if your alright.?

?Oh well that's nice, if he took interest, a month ago, I'd be talking to him.? I shouted.

?Sorry.? She said.

?You can come round.? I said.

?Yay. Haha!? She said. I started laughing, and put the phone off. I got out of bed and quickly had a shower and got dressed and wrapped some cloth around my stomach, I put on my top and walked around, it was actually hurting me how she was sitting in there, it's happened for a month now and no one cares. I heard the door and opened.

?Hey bebe.? She laughed. I smiled and waved. She brought alcohol. I didn't drink, and moreover there's a child to consider.

?Thought was could get pissed!? She laughed.

?Erm, I don't drink.? I smiled.

?Oh yeah, your Emily!? She scratched her head. I looked at her oddly.

?Fine, can we cook, I'm hungry.?

?Yes!!! Great idea!? She said smiling. I laughed and we went into the kitchen and started making something to eat. My stomach was in pain, but I had to deal with it.

?Ahh.? I said rubbing my stomach.

?What's up?? She said eating some cucumber. I crouched down for a minute, and got back up.

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