Emily 37.

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I went home that evening, and he was in the living room with all his friends, I never went in there when they were here, I was scared of big groups of boys, especially when I didn't know them, after all that's happened, and I'm also scared of dogs, and Marcel had that horrible one in the living room. I went into the kitchen and prepared his dinner, and after I was done quietly went upstairs, because I knew they would be here for a while. Denzel kept calling me and sending me text messages. I picked up when he called again.

?Yes Denzel??

?Hello sexy.?

?Don't call me that, I'm Emily.? I said.

?Arr come on babes you are sexy.?

?No I'm not! I'm Emily!? I insisted, he laughed and cleared his throat.

?What about me then??

?Umm, your Denzel.?

?Really, I'm not sexy??

?Not to me.? I smiled.

?Why you lying for? You know I am.?

?No, ask someone else.? I sighed lying on the bed and playing with my hair.

?You fucked that dickhead yet??

?Denzel! He's not a dickhead! And no!? I knew Marcel wanted to, but I'm not that type of person, well I don't hardly feel like doing it, but whenever it happens.

?He is, I can tell he is. Kmt. Every time he tries I hope something interrupts the moment.? He laughed.

?Your not funny.?

?I am.? He said.

?My knuckles hurt man.?

?Why, what did you do??

?Some lil dickhead try touch Sharama up right infront of me, he thought we did know eachother, was tryna take the piss, had to give him one nasty blow, he was taking the piss, he's lucky he wasn't over 18, I'd have shot him.? My mouth dropped, over 18? Shot?

?Denzel that's not nice.?

?Was it suppose to be?? He said angrily.

?Okay Okay. I understand.?

?Yeah man, he's got some nasty boney face aswell. Arrghh he should thank God he weren't born in 1990. I'd have seriously fucked him up.? He said. I remained quiet because he was getting angrier.



?Erm I wanna do a weave.?

?You don't need one, their for bald people, you got too much hair.? He said.

?Bald people??

?Yes man. Don't get one Em, if you do, don't come back down here yeah??

?Oh thanks.? I said. He giggled and I heard Joel say ?dada? I smiled.

?Aww I miss him!?

?Yeah he misses you too. James tried to feed him hot curry, dickhead, watch when his kids are born, I'll put it in their eyes.? I laughed and sighed.

?Your funny.?

?I'm serious.?

?Aww Denzel, I miss you already and it's been a few hours.? I frowned.

?Yeah same man. You need to come tomorrow.?

?I can't, he wants us to do something.?

?Oh okay. Later then.? I smiled.

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