Emily 18.

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Me and him sat there in silence and he just occasionally stared at me or closed his eyes, and he must of thought I hadn't observed it. Everything he did always caught my eye. I just didn't say anything, I watched TV and rubbed my stomach.

?Denzel why are you watching me?? I said looking straight at the TV.

?I just don't think this is right.? He said. I looked at him and started to frown.


?You don't want this baby do you Emily? You want something to replace another am I lying?? He said. I ignored him.

?I can read you like a book, it's quite amazing, you don't want this at all.? He said getting up and coming towards me. I just watched TV and fiddled with my hands.

?Your fidgeting with your hands and your breathing heavily, why you lying to your self b.? He said and knelt in front of me and touched my hand. I moved it quickly.

?Get off me!? I said. ?You don't understand.?

?I do Emily, I've understood everything else you've said for the past 7 years! I ain't gonna understand this because it's not right!?

?Go away.? I said crying.

?Emz, don't push me away, I love you, and I want what's right for you, this baby isn't, because you won't love it like you should, you just want it, because you want something that will love you.?

?NO!? I screamed at him and pushed him.

?You don't understand you are just like everyone else, your turning into them, you all just hate me, and you want me to get rid of this so I am alone forever, not happening!? I started shaking and I scratched my self to released the stress building up. He firmly pulled my hands away.

?Stop it.? He said. I started crying and he hugged me.

?I want the baby, you need to understand.? I cried.

?I'm trying, I really am, you just need to listen to me.? He sighed. He pulled away and sat next to me.

?Emz, you can't have a baby if your not ready, you can't have it if you just want it because you need it to replace a time in your life, or the people in your life.?

?SHUT UP!? I screamed. He sighed and put his head in his hands.

?Emily your making me angry.?

?Just go away, you can get out of my life, if you ain't going to be there for me,? I said spitefully. He looked at me with anger written all over his face, I moved back, scared. He didn't say nothing.

?I don't hate what your doing Emily, I just want to be there for you, but make you understand,? He said quietly.

?I want this baby, I can't kill it.? I sighed.

?I'm not saying you should, I'm telling you my opinions you just want it to replace something. You can give it up for-?

?SHUT UP AND LEAVE ME ALONE!? I shouted at him. He just stared at me and watch me cry,

?It's not good for the ba-?

?Leave me alone Denzel, you don't understand, you hate it.?

?How can I hate an innocent child Em, you need to just understand, it's causing danger for you. You just need to talk to someone, and I'll be there throughout.? He said.

?I don't want nobody's help, if you don't want to be there just go.? I wiped my eyes. He hated it, he didn't want me to have it, he was 100 percent against it, I didn't want to believe that, but my mind was just agreeing with the thought. It made me itch and feel uncomfortable.

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