Emily 4.

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We got in and I turned the lights on, and he closed the door behind him, I locked it and turned around. He was looking at me and smiled. He came closer and hugged me and kissed my cheek.

?I missed you Emily-Rose!? He whispered.

?Me too Denz, I thought you left me, I really did!? I sighed. He kissed my forehead, I looked up at him and smiled. He looked down oddly, and I so did I. I giggled. Pearl found a new friend, she rubbed her self against his leg. He picked her up and stroked her face.

?She's cute, like her!? He smiled. I smiled back and we walked in the living room. He sat down with her and I stood at the door and watched him. He had grown so much in the two years he went to jail. He was much taller and he was abit too hench. His eyes were even more greener, and his brown tanned skin glowed. I missed him so much. I went into the kitchen and got some macaroni cheese and warmed it for him. I took it in the living room for him, and he had put the tv on, and was playing with Pearl. He looked at me and frowned.

?Arr no, I'm not hungry.? He said.

?You are, please eat it, I made it!? I smiled. He sighed and put her down.

?You got to eat too!? I nodded. I had two forks. I put it on his lap and sat next to him. We started eating and I stopped and watched him. He slowly looked up and smiled.

?Hmm?? I shrugged.

?Nothing, I can't help but smile!? I said smiling.

?Aww!? he had his fork in front of me with food on it. I opened my mouth and he fed me. We finished eating and I washed the plate, and made him some hot chocolate with marsh mellows.

?Emie stop giving me food man!? He said as he looked at the TV.

?But... it's cold come on, please!? I said putting it on the table, as I sipped mine. He sighed and pulled me close.

?In there was hard man! Not going back there, I learnt my lesson!? He sighed. I looked up at him and saw it all in his eyes, he weren't lying at all.

?Well your here now, forget it. You need to see your family.?

?Mmm I know, my dad's not gonna wanna see me, but my mum ah! I miss her, I'll call her tomorrow. I missed both of you!? He wrapped his arms around me and kissed my neck.

?It's been really bad Denzel, really really bad!? I sighed, I was stressed and scared.

?What's up??

?Grandma was taken away 2 months after you left, it got so bad she nearly died. I haven't seen my mum and dad's grave in a month because college won't let me off, and this agency jobs are cruel, they throw nasty jobs at me and make sly comments!? I quietly replied.

?Aww babes, tomorrow we are going to the cemetery, and then going to phone up the home, and ask where she is. Don't worry yeah?? I nodded and closed my eyes.

?You tired?? He whispered.


?Come, let's go!? He picked me up and carried me to my room and placed me on the bed. I watched him as he looked around scratching his head.

?Do you have a spare pillow??


?I'll sleep in the living room.? I sat up quickly and shook my head.

?Look there's room here,? I patted next to me. He smiled and sat on the side of the bed.

?You gonna come with me and see my mum tomorrow??

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