Author's Note

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Hey guys. Sorry for the extremely short update [Eye To Eye]. I am currently still writing but I just wanted to give you guys a small taste of what we are getting into now.

Pleaseee LEAVE comments and opinions. I don't mind. All critique is good critique to me.

               ****Trivia and Answer Sheet****

1. Who's is Bobby's Cousin? ----ALEXIS.
2. What is the relationship between Tameeka and Tyshay before enemies?----- Step-Sisters.
3. Who is Assi? ---- Alexis's new lady friend.
4. Who is Kevin and Maleek? ---- Bobby's main best friends.
5. Who is Rayna?----Bobby's Older sister.
6. Who is Dominique ?----Alexis's Ex Girlfriend.
7. What is the name of Tameeka's boyfriend---Chris.

-That's all for now, this was just to clear anything that may have been confusing or just to remind you guys.
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