Small World

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A/N: This chapter is important to pay attention. Every P.O.V matters, I never write fillers--- therefore everything written is important information. Thank you guys ! Please enjoy this Chapter.

 Thank you guys ! Please enjoy this Chapter

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It was late night, and a very competitive night.

I was walking with Maleek and Kevin, dressed in our sports attire.

 Maleek was bouncing the basketball as we walked and talked.

"Damn you see Tameeka looking mad good at some club tonight", Kevin said showing us his snapchat.

"I'm happy she looks herself,  because in school earlier---she ain't look herself", I said.

"Speaking of school, I saw you approach Tyshay and old dude", Maleek laughed.

"Man, I'm not worried about who she speaking to", I lied in some sort.

"Yea because that's your regardless-Bae" Kevin joined in laughter.

"What does that even mean?", I asked frowning.

Kevin laughed "Means, regardless of anything--like you fronting right-- that's still yo BIIITCCCHHH", he laughed.

Maleek joined him, "That was actually a good one", he said to Kevin while laughing.

I sucked my teeth...

"Tyshay is just Tyshay. Nothing more---ya'll giving her too much credit", I spoke.

"Bro, I think you just scared you won't be considered as a dog anymore. You know damn well Tyshay could leash you, that's all", Maleek mentions.

Kevin agreed.

I huffed, "Can y'all just stop. I'm done talking about this. We need to talk about how we about to kill this court---late or not", I told them.

"That ain't nothing that needs a conversation, we know what we about", Maleek says.

"Facts", Kevin states.

Before I could reply to them....

I couldn't help but notice some female standing outside her car. Her door was open and she was a few feet away looking at her phone. She was some brown skinned female, with a top bun. She was dressed in comfortable clothes.

I stopped walking causing Maleek and Kevin to do so also.

"She bugging, she must not be from here", I say to them.

"Facts somebody could run up on her and take her whole shit", Maleek laughs.

The female finally looked up from her phone and her eyes are now on us.

For some reason she looks relieved to see us and walks over to us.

I frown in confusion.

"Hello, can you boys help me. My GPS isn't helping much ", she automatically says.

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