New Leaf

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I stood at my locker with Tameeka beside of me.

Tameeka was in a full rant about what she peeped on Chris's , her ex, Instagram story— from her fake account she has.

"He was posting some female in the passenger seat. I recognize the girl, she was that same girl who came knocking on his dorm room and I answered", Tameeka informs.

"Wait—towel girl?", I gave interest in the topic.

"Yep. The same girl he saved from getting her ass whooped, talking about she's like the 'team's sister', and how 'she not like that'. The girl was fully naked in a damn towel, knocking on YO door, and that's a sis?—-I think that was the dumbest thing I let slide after he manipulated his way out of it", Tameeka bought up the old incident.

"I mean you dumped him for a week, it's not like you forgave instantly", I added.

"Yeah but clearly it should have been an eternity and not just a lousy ass week", Tameeka complains.

I noticed how it was making her feel....

"I mean—-well at least you have Trey now, you shouldn't even be stressing about Chris.... he's a top loser", I say.

Tameeka gave a satisfying expression, "True. I mean it's not like I'm missing him—-I'm just still upset about everything and how it went down. I'ma keep it a hunnit, it type still hurts".

I felt bad for Tameeka, I knew regardless of her tough skin, she had some sensitivity of her emotions behind all of that.

"...and then on top of that, I never got an apology", Tameeka adds.

"Really? Wasn't he texting you a few days after the breakup,begging to be back with you?", I ask.

"Yeah, begging and saying he wants me back—-but homeboy never dropped anything sincere. It was just him seeing me looking good and thinking he has some claim on me. Not once did he apologize for his words or actions", Tameeka informs.

I just nodded, taking in all of the details.

I paid attention a lot when Tameeka spoke about things like this.

She was kind of like a personal mind coach.

"Anyways", Tameeka starts, "Lets thank God it's Friday, and be excited for this shopping date after school", Tameeka squeals on the new topic.

I chuckled, but before I can reply back...

Tameeka and I were approached by Kendall.

"Can I talk to you guys?", Kendall asks automatically.

Tameeka folded her arms, "You're talking", she says sarcastically.

Kendall wasn't much of a problem like how Tyshay was or like how Alice is.

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