Truth and Lies (Part 3)

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I was in the kitchen, contemplating on an idea.

Jordan was in her room still sleeping.

When I woke up from my nap—-i couldn't get everything Jordan has told me out of my mind.

When she expressed how our issue in the past affected her, I didn't even have much to say or much I can say.

If I knew this two months ago—- maybe I would have fought harder for her—-even if she kept shutting me down.

Now—-everything is different, and I believe I can speak for Jordan too.

I am moving, and i'm actually involved with someone--- and this time actually messing around with my Ex.

It's no way I could even try with Jordan again----and even if I wanted too...I know Jordan would never trust me to get that close to her again.


I knew earlier was a lot on her—and after her melt down... I started to feel horrible about how I seemed to force the truth out of her.

I knew better than that—-that's not how you help anyone—but at the same time, this wasn't just anyone...

It was Jordan, and I hate that she's in this predicament.

After a few moments of thinking of an idea to make things up to Jordan....

It came to me.

I was going to try to bake Jordan a surprise birthday cake.


I was 15 minutes into the steps, and I honestly don't know how Jordan does this.

I was good with cooking, but usually simple dishes. —Baking? Never tried it on my own.

In the midst of me cracking eggs into a bowl— my phone started to ring.

I sighed hoping it wasn't Mirena—only because I haven't spoken to her today...which meant if she calls, then she is going to expect a comfy phone conversation.

I didn't have the attention she needs at the moment. However I did miss her.

However, when I fetched for my phone... I realized it was Bree.

I answered Bree's FaceTime call.

"Wassup?", I say into the camera.

When Bree was on the screen I could tell she was at her mother's house.

"Wassup Bro—what you doing, you free?", Bree says.

I chuckled knowing she was trying to get out of something..:

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