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It's been an hour later, Jordan's aunt and little cousin left already.

"Thank you Miss Prescott", I said holding out my hand to shake.

"Oh we do hugs in this house", Miss Prescott said in open arms.

I laughed and participated in the hug.

After, I looked at Jordan that was standing next to her mom.

"And thank you for my road-trip snack", I said chuckling thanking her for the cookies she told me I could take.

She nicely smiled.

Miss Prescott started to speak again...

"So, I know you will be officially moving in two weeks from now, but how would you like to join us for a dinner date at a restaurant next weekend? You know just to bond and feel more comfortable", Miss Prescott suggested.

I smiled, "I'll love that, I think that's a great idea".

In all honesty, I actually wasn't as excited about it, but I was honest when I said it seem like a great idea. I might as well try to feel them out and get to know the people I will be staying with for a bit.

"That's perfect. Oh my gosh this has been a great evening, I can't wait to get things settled", Miss Prescott hyped.

I just agreed and smiled.

I looked over at Jordan one last time, she was innocently staring at me then her eyes fell to the floor.

"So next weekend?", I said to her.

Jordan eyes then wandered up to her mom, then to me....

"Uh yea, next weekend", she smiled.


I was now at Bobby's house, alone as usual until a knock was at the door. I opened to see Bobby.

"Lost your keys?", I asked him.

He stepped in and closed the door behind him.

"Nah, Maleek mom took my keys, thinking i'm gonna do some sneaky shit like sneak over here after school hours"

I chuckled, "Like right now?"

Bobby laughed, "Believe me, what she was thinking aint what i'm doing, I been was supposed to be at the crib now but Maleek got invited to some shawty house--couldn't go to the crib without him"

"I see, I see", I chuckled.

"So how was the meeting?", he asked me.

"It was pretty decent, it was a little weird at first because I actually had small convo with the girl before, at your party"

Bobby looked surprised, "Wait what?"

"Yea not on no hitting it off type of convo, just small awkward talk", I told him.

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