Trust Issues

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We were all now at Bree's & Lylani's house.

I was making sure Domonique & Bree was okay and safe—because apparently only Lylani and myself weren't drunk out our asses.

It was about 4 in the morning now.

Bree was throwing up in the bathroom as Lylani helped nurse her.

Lylani was definitely pissed, especially because she had to be up early to be at her office.

I was lucky I wasn't starting the job yet, that meant I could use the day to sleep my ass away.

"Are you staying?" Domonique drunkenly asked now stripped down in a big t-shirt.

She was leaned against the guest-room door frame.

Her eyes were glossy-red, and her posture was slightly hunched—-with curiosity on her face.

Now, realizing her question....

I honestly wasn't or had any interest in staying—however—-I thought it was too late to be walking inside Miss Prescott's house this late.

I rather stay where I am, although I missed Jordan.

I knew she probably would be sleep anyways. I was so caught up with my time out, I didn't bother with my phone.

However, the whole time I thought of Jordan—I wanted to talk to her, but I didn't want to be all boo-cuffing through text when I'm supposed to be out with my company.

I sighed replying , "Yes Domonique...I am... did you go pee in the guest bathroom?", I asked.

She nodded, I saw drunken side of her. When she was this drunk in the past, should would be very emotional and sensitive. With that noted, I knew I had to talk to her in a certain way.

"Alright go lay down so your head can stop hurting", I told her, "No more throwing up?"

"I'm fine, I don't have to throw up again—-but are you not coming to lay with me?", she asked bluntly with that same drunken expression.

I knew it was the alcohol talking, and I also knew it wasn't.

"I don't think that's a good idea. So just go lay okay?", I say to her, playing along to her 'drunk-behavior'.

"Pleaseeeeeeee, pretty please—-I don't feel good and I need you", Domonique begs in this childlike tone.

I sighed, "Domonique the bed is for you to sleep in.... I'll be on the pull out couch. You don't need me", I told her.

"I know but I WANT you please Lexxyyyyy", she begs again this time using an old time nickname she use to use when she wanted something.

I sighed for the millionth time feeling myself giving in, to avoid any nearby tears. That's the last thing I want while crashing here—my ex crying over me.

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