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Good girl by Reece1223
Good girlby ocamatic
A little bit of a bdsm story with lesbian smut.
You Distract Me by KatieColttt
You Distract Meby Kate
"I need you to stop staring, it's turning me on." ☘ Olivia Ryans hasn't got the ability to resist the tall and gorgeous...
The Rank - Series III by WriteMyHeartForYou
The Rank - Series IIIby 🖤
A school where beauty is more important than grades. Where popularity is a standard. Stephanie Carbonel earned a rare scholarship from Timothy University. This scho...
Short sex stories🏳️‍🌈 by nylangirl
Short sex stories🏳️‍🌈by thatgaybih ny 🥴
Every chapter is a different lesbian (poc specifically) story. These are completely made up from my head and fantasies or whatever. Includes femxfem, studxstud, femxst...
mister princess by rosypink-
mister princessby rose🥀
WARNING: language Marco was normally a good kid. But after he is caught stealing, his strict hispanic mother decides he should learn to be put in place. However, in the...
BUT SHES, SINISTER | bill kaulitz by arafina505
BUT SHES, SINISTER | bill kaulitzby arafina505
vivienne zhvikov was a bitch. everyone knew she was a bitch. one glance and you can see. yet when her family moves, a sweet boy intrudes into her life. bill kaulitz x fe...
red is purer than white by skylarjaae
red is purer than whiteby skylar jae
we live in different worlds.... His as pure as white.... Mine as dark as death.... But innocent love always finds a way..... "Do you really think white is the most...
The Music Box by petricor_brume
The Music Boxby petricor_brume
Two enigmatic people met and tried to know each other. Enigmatic love.Enigmatic story .
Whispers of Hope- Book # 3 (Mated Hearts Series) Complete by MercyRose
Whispers of Hope- Book # 3 (Mated...by Tara
My breath came in short pants and my heart took off at a staccato pace. I felt my skin warm and my blood tingle and this was all just from seeing him again. At first...
Daylight by getmedietcoke
Daylightby Getmedietcoke
This is a Kaylor story. Based on real-life events that have taken place and then just made up the in-betweens and behind the scenes. Obviously very fictional. Long-term...
3 Months ( Natasha Romanoff x Reader (gxg) ) (ON HOLD) by somebody_I_DontKnow
3 Months ( Natasha Romanoff x Read...by somebody_I_DontKnow
A story about Yn Stark and Natasha Romanoff. When you are Tony Stark's daughter, it is no more than normal to inherit his technological gift. But when something happened...
Love between two worlds by poloDaplug
Love between two worldsby PoloDaPlugg
Dee grew up in a ruthless neighborhood,but she never let that change her perspective on the world nor other people...until she meets someone who would change it all... R...
Become The Femme Fatale by satinequeeni
Become The Femme Fataleby Satine Queeni
The ultimate guide to become the Femme Fatale: 18 exciting ways to be absolutely irresistible and new bonus updates. Revealing all the delicious tricks of the exquisite...
Nousseyba : Tes yeux étaient mon refuge by Mlk_nd
Nousseyba : Tes yeux étaient mon r...by ~
« On n'aime qu'une seul fois, toute les autres fois ne seront que l'illusion de l'absence de cette première fois »
Bad Idea, You Are [GLT 2] by meikatha
Bad Idea, You Are [GLT 2]by meikatha
[Girl Love Trilogy Series 2] For Clary, life only favor those who pile money on their pockets. After everything she's gone through, she keeps herself well-grounded and k...
Aarons Adventure by EzraGarnet
Aarons Adventureby Ezra Garnet
Aaron, an average high school graduate, life gets turned on it head with a suddern accident. He now has to embrace his new life living among they fey... as a woman.
Granger, you've done it again | hermione granger x fem oc by grangerwrites2
Granger, you've done it again | he...by grangerwrites2
emelia kilton befriends the golden trio and the weasley twins, and is hidden from some of the most amazing, but dangerous parts of her father's life. Including a wizardi...
Decepticon TIC by Da_Voices_In_My_Head
Decepticon TICby Schizo Writer
Completely AU, characters from all fandoms. *Warning* Soundwave is female in this story. **RATED T** Soundwave is captured by the Autobots, and cannot hide her secret t...
Dynasty by RhysiaQ
Dynastyby Rhysia
Book 3 to Hey, Miss Knowles!
Kamen Rider Ryuki x Mahou Shoujou Tokushusen Asuka  by Kaitou_Mighty_ZX
Kamen Rider Ryuki x Mahou Shoujou...by Kaitou_Mighty_ZX
Human is fighting for their lives against the Disas. Magical Girls protects the humanity from the evil beings. But in another world, there's game is going on. The game o...