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Promise I can change your mind GxG by Lesbilove143
Promise I can change your mind GxGby Lesbilove143
Kya has always been the classic 'good girl' but when her best friend Bri encourages her to step out of her shell things get kinda wild.
My Heart Hurt So Good (GirlxGirl) by WriterRyl
My Heart Hurt So Good (GirlxGirl)by WriterRyl
This story is between two young ladies who found love and friendship with each other and explore their sexuality as their paths cross in the university. - This is a LGBT...
Darkness & Passion ( Lesbian Story) by LowKeySwag
Darkness & Passion ( Lesbian Story)by LowKeySwag
Have you ever gotten that feeling that somebody was watching you? And that person who was watching you wasn't normal. I have felt that way all of my life; but then again...
Not My Usual(lesbian) by Leexll
Not My Usual(lesbian)by Nønie
Maisa is one of the best lawyers at her law firm. always has an answer, always wins her cases, and always on top. Saki is not living the best life. Married to a devoted...
Dangerous Temptation... (gxg) by Kaylynnvixious
Dangerous Temptation... (gxg)by Kaylynnvixious
This started out as a true story but QUICKLY turned into fiction. This is a story about a girl and her boss. Things get really wild really fast. I know some of the stuff...
Sharing Cigarettes  by oliviahoney1
Sharing Cigarettes by oliviahoney1
Ricky and I both liked fast cars and cigarettes. We were inevitable. Alice and I both hated our pasts and hid it from everyone. We were inevitable. But we shared ciga...
Reckless - II by IzzyJFitz
Reckless - IIby IzzyJFitz
(Book Two) My name is...well you know my name and I think I'm gay. No, I'm sure of it. I'm in love with my best friend. She is wild, reckless, and the most beautiful gir...
Strip by magicallygay
Stripby MelaninTroubles 💞
Teyana-Fae is known as "Aurora" she is a full-time stripper at club Tipsy. Possessing a sexual power she is able to get whatever she pleases. She has recently...
Optimus Prime (TFP) x reader | Autobot by thorins_queen
Optimus Prime (TFP) x reader | Aut...by Queen Under the Mountain
after a mission goes wrong, you make a choice that saves your team but puts you in danger
Shoyo hinata x reader by xoxoxo_Amy_xoxoxo
Shoyo hinata x readerby ♡︎Amy♡︎
I used to admire hinata in middle school I never expected to talk to him...but little did I know we would become friends in high school and maybe more then friends...
Autumn (GirlxGirl) | #FREETHESKITTLES by ofmonstersnmen
Autumn (GirlxGirl) | #FREETHESKITT...by carraway.
What started as something so simple as meeting a possible human bear in the middle of the woods, turned out to be the greatest life Winter McCaslin could have ever had...
Behind The Dorm **COMPLETED!** by Karreche
Behind The Dorm **COMPLETED!**by S.
Years later after their breakup, Akryah gets accepted to the same college as Shayla. Will she fight for her or move on?
Here Comes A Fighter (GirlxGirl) by beckaliee
Here Comes A Fighter (GirlxGirl)by Becky
Shellys a fighter, its what she loves to do, its what she's always done. its been her main focus for a long time. she's confident in herself and her body and abilities...
Nameless - I by IzzyJFitz
Nameless - Iby IzzyJFitz
(Book One) Do you ever feel as if your life has yet to begin? I've been alive for almost seventeen years now and absolutely nothing has ever happened to me. Not until I...
The Love For Twins (Lesbian Story) by YoungkaykaybabeBoyd
The Love For Twins (Lesbian Story)by IG: Careless.Kay
Twins thats all u need to know
ᎦᎳᏋᏋᎱ ᎦᎪᏁᎥᎢy (Bxb/boyxboy) by -lesbainmessiah-
ᎦᎳᏋᏋᎱ ᎦᎪᏁᎥᎢy (Bxb/boyxboy)by Soft girl🕊
Callum Jennings isn't popular, nor unpopular. He was known for his feminine form and clothing choices. Of course, he got bullied every once and a while by the popular...
(Transformers) Soundwave's secret by Alexandra-Sasha
(Transformers) Soundwave's secretby Alexandra-Sasha
Soundwave is the most mysterious Desepticon both for comrades and Autobots. But there are reasons why the Desepticon Communication Officer made everything to hid who SHE...
Monte Carlo by bad_bloodSucker
Monte Carloby BadBlood
Behind Rhio Monte Carlo name.....
Hidden Warrior by StormwavePrime
Hidden Warriorby Stormwave Prime
Meet Audrie King Ross, an ordinary soldier that works in the military. Well. . . that's what it looks like to everyone else. But one you learn her backstory. you'll lea...
The Castle (Catradora) by curlyqueer
The Castle (Catradora)by curlyqueer
Adora doesn't like staying at home. But hey, that's what women are supposed to do, so she does it. Until she runs away one night and finds an old castle, in it is a woma...