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Photo of Alexis

Photo of Alexis

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I was having a good time with Assi. She was a good vibe and taking my mind off of Dominique, and other stress I was dealing with.

"You're so funny", she giggled.

"I'm actually not, I just like to hear your laugh", I smooth talked.

Assi blushed, "I wonder what else you would like", she smooth talked back.

I grinned as my phone vibrated notifying I was receiving a call.

"Hold that thought beautiful", I said as I answered my phone without acknowledging the caller ID.

You have a collect call from New York City Police Department-62nd Precinct from...

Bobby Turner

To accept this call please press 1, to decline this call press 7.

I frowned quickly stood up, then pressed one.

Assi saw my sudden change in mood, "Are you okay?", she softly asked.

My head nodded at her as my focus stayed glued on the phone as Bobby's voice appeared.

"Alexis?", he said.

"Yea little man, why you calling from a precinct? What happened??? What's going on ?", I asked highly concerned.

"Man, some stuff went down, me and a couple of other people got arrested for fighting, can you come pick me up... i'm sorry, I ain't know this was gonna happen", Bobby said.

"I'm on my way right now", I spoke preparing myself to leave.

I hung up the call with Bobby...

"I'm sorry beautiful, my little cousin got into some mess and now I have to go pick him up", I tried to explain as mannerly as I hurried.

Assi got up, "It's okay, I hope everything goes fine with the issue...and thanks for the number", she smiled.

I smiled back, "Use it"


I looked over to see Maleek swollen lip, which reminded me of my bruised eye and busted lip.

"Man, I don't care what nobody say...your party was still lit", Maleek joked.

I chuckled, "Word? Damn man, wish it ended different"

"It could have if you wouldn't have acted like you was superman", Maleek told me.

I sucked my teeth, "I couldn't let that dude get his way with Tyshay. That was foul bro'...".

Maleek sighed, " I mean you right, you did the right thing but damn shawty knew she should have stopped drinking when she was too lit"

"It's my fault"

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