Try Again

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Tameeka was in the backseat, holding a phone conversation with Trey.

I was in the passenger seat, listening to Alexis speak about different clothing styles.

"Yeah so if I'm wearing all black, bottoms and top, I have to have a color pop on my feet. I'm not too crazy about colors everywhere—but I can't do the plain Jane look", she tells me.

I giggle, "Oh like me?".

Alexis chuckles, "Actually—-I think your style is dope. I've noticed you're very color coordinated. And you also add your little pop", she replies.

I tucked in my bottom lip, and glanced out the window.

Before either one of us can say another word....

"This boy get on my damn nerves sometimes", Tameeka states.

I turned back to view her, with my eyes asking for the details.

Tameeka sucks her teeth, "You know that picture I posted last night?", she asks.

"The one with your leotard on?", I ask.

"Yeah, that bomb ass picture. He's mad about it. Honestly—all the relationships I've been in, ain't nobody complained about what I post. I mean it's not like I'm naked", Tameeka says.

"I mean....", I chuckle.

Tameeka and Alexis both laughs.

"Oh my gosh best friend—-it's not even that bad. You supposed to be on my side. He's being insecure", Tameeka states.

Before I can reply...

Alexis's voice spoke...

"Can I put my two cents in?", Alexis asks Tameeka.

"Yeah, I like other opinions—I'm a debate type of person, go ahead", Tameeka says causing us to snicker.

"Well okay. I will admit and say, yes you are free to do whatever you want—-because it's your life. You are in control", Alexis starts.

"Facts facts—okay", Tameeka comments.

"However", Alexis chuckles, "When you're in a relationship, it's just common respect for your partner sometimes", Alexis adds.

"Okay but why do I have to change who I am to rub someone else's ego and insecurities? He knew who I was before he decided to date me. He been following me on IG before we dated. Now that I'm his girl—I gotta change to fit his likings?", Tameeka asks.

I just listened to the conversation.

"I mean, you got a point there, but I just think when real feelings get involved—- you be more aware of certain things. Yes at first he might not had mind it, but that's because there were no feelings attached—-probably just lust. Now that lust is replaced with Love—-these are the relationship issues that needs to be talked out", Alexis says to Tameeka.

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