New Vibes (Part 2)

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I yarn unlocking the door to my house. I was a little sad I couldn't take my puppy Lex with me, but I knew my mom would start questioning things.

I also didn't want to leave Jonah—he was trying to keep me hostage, but at the end... I had no choice to return home.

It was annoying because my mom wasn't even home tonight, so I didn't get what was the big deal.

When the door opened, I saw Alexis sitting at the table.

My heart made a funny feeling, as I closed the door behind me.

"Hey", she says.

"Hi", I say back walking over to the table.

Alexis was sitting and working on some papers. It looked like files and documents.

"How was school?", she asks me.

I began to take off of my coat-jacket and shoes.

"Eh, school was regular", I say as I took a seat at the table.

"That's good—want me to move my things over?", Alexis asks picking up some of her folders.

"Oh no it's okay—I'm soon going in my room", I say to her.

"Oh okay cool", she says.

There was a peak of awkward silence...

"How was work?", I ask her to carry the conversation.

"Same ole—I guess", she tells me, "Nothing much to it".

I nod...

"That's cool—that's nice", I say feeling the conversation coming to an end.

"Oh your mom cooked by the way", she tells me.

"Eh I already ate—I grabbed something on the way home", I lied.

Alexis just nods..

"Well cool then", she smiles then looks back at her papers.

My eyes were still on her as I just watched her. It's been a while since I really seen her, yet sat down with her. My eyes wandered every visible inch of her. Her hair was in a neat up top bun, revealing her crisp tape-up. She was still in her button down white shirt which I assumed was her work attire.

Her eyes were focused on her papers, but then suddenly they glanced up at me—

I shyly looked away, feeling nervous. I haven't felt this nervous around her in a while.

Finally my eyes looked back at hers just to see that her eyes were still on me.

She gave me an awkward smile, and I returned one back.

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