Revelations (Side A)

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A/N: This chapter is Revelations, (Side A). This is a chapter dedicated to Alexis's past situation. (Side 'A'), will inform the set up-- almost like a tease of what went down. {Side 'B'}, isn't going to be updated until regular chapters later. Meaning there will be a space between Side A & B. Keep in mind that the revelation chapters are of the past, meaning before Alexis moved close by. 


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(Revelations: Side 'A')

 6 months ago...

April 19th, ----

"One-down...two-down...three-down", I said watching my students on the gym floor.

I was happy this was my last class...

I had 4 periods of classes, the usual... and I was always tired during the last class.

At the moment, everyone was doing their exercise-warm ups to start off the period....

"Four down....Fiv—..", I stopped and then mentally rolled my eyes....

"Rosa, those aren't push-ups—you aren't even trying", I called out.

This was a common issue with many females during my H.S freshmen classes. I understood they were all around 13/14, but they were young—and it's important to keep them active in order to avoid future health issues.

"I'm a Lady , I can't do regular push ups", The young student Rosa replied stopping—

...causing a halt in almost everyone.

The other students snickered at Rosa's comment, as the other young ladies agreed and began to complain:

*Yea this is hard...*——*Can we just do something else ..*—-*My arms are hurting...* , they complained.

Before I could answer back to the chaos...another voice was heard...

"I'm a girl and I can do push ups", another student, Jamie says as she placed her body in push up position, and gave a show of 3 reps, "See, easy", she said dusting off her hands.

Jamie was one of my favorite students, she didn't fit in much with the other females, due to her interest in what society consider as "guy things".

Rosa sneered, "That's because you're hardly a girl", she said causing laughter.

I blew my whistle...

"Rosa, that's enough, time out—to the bench", I scold her.

"...but Miss Turner..I—..."

"I don't want to hear it Rosa. Go now", I said, "And if anyone else doesn't want to join her, then I'll advise you guys to continue"


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